5 Must Have Gadgets While Road Moving

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If you’re planning on conducting a house move any time soon, then congratulations! A house move can be one of the best ways you can open a new chapter in your life with your family. Why, getting to a new home can move you closer to your ideal job, your favorite school, or the kind of neighborhood you want your family to have. Thing is, moving isn’t always just about packing, unpacking, and transporting your things. Sometimes, moves can get quite complex – especially if you’re doing things manually. Thankfully, tech gadgets exist that can make your move much easier for you to handle.

Thanks to some handy gadgets out there, a lot of your moving tasks can become a breeze. And by investing in some of these items, you may be able to do some moving tasks at once! Here are things you might want to get:


  • Why not get a Roomba to help with cleaning? When you prepare to leave your old house or prepare your new home for your arrival, chances are you’d want everything to be squeaky clean. Do this manually, and it might take a day or two off your moving week just removing all the dust from the floor – especially with the typical broom or vacuum. Thankfully, Roombas or other vacuuming robots can do the job for you. Roomba models almost always have two sets of brushes and can remove dirt quite easily. Thanks to their programmable nature, you can rest assured that they’d handle cleaning your floor while you move on with the rest of your moving tasks.
  • Why not try forearm lifting straps? Sometimes, things just get too heavy for you and even another person to carry. Instead of risking injuries and muscle strain, you can actually get quite a wide variety of forearm lifting straps to help you out. These straps form a cross shape that come with looping harnesses – these go over your shoulders or your forearms and around the item in question. Some harnesses can lift up to 500lbs and more, enabling you to carry very heavy things without having to worry too much.
  • Why not get a furniture dolly? Even when you get to carry something big, dragging them to the moving truck can damage the item and make quite the inconvenience. In that regard, you might want to get a furniture dolly or skate instead. These handy gadgets might seem like an ordinary platform with wheels. However, some of these dolls are built to withstand as much as 500lbs and more! These items can definitely help when it comes to carrying heavier items you need outside the house or into your new home. Thanks to their compact shape and size, you can easily have them sideways and put on the side of items in the moving truck once you’re done.
  • Why not try a furniture lifter? In terms of extremely heavy items, it might be hard to even get hands and straps under them if they’re exerting too much pressure. You might need the help of furniture lifters, which usually come in the form of separate gadgets. They come with levers that are just slim enough to fit below heavy items and even furniture slides that you can use to push heavy items you want to carry around. This works best if you don’t have enough physical training to carry your other items and need the extra assistance. These furniture lifters can come in handy especially if you don’t have enough manpower to lift all those objects to your moving truck. However, in that regard, you might also want to hire a moving company in NYC to help with your moving needs.


  • Why not get a pet tracker with GPS? When you move to new houses with your pet, chances are they won’t be immediately comfortable with their new environment. Sometimes, soothing words and petting can calm down your pet. However, sometimes they just want to wander around and get a sense of their new environment. If you want to make sure they’re safe while they’re getting to know their new home, a smart pet tracker can help you out. Some pet collars exist out there that have GPS, allowing you to track your pet and other relevant details for an extended period of time before needing to get charged. Thankfully, pet trackers with GPS come in various variants, shapes, sizes, and even colors. You can definitely find one that suits the personality and tastes of your beloved pet. Moreover, these collars and trackers often come with measures to ensure that your pet remains extremely comfortable.

House Moving Gadgets: Make Moving More Pleasant!

With the above gadgets in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s completely possible to pull off a comfortable and exciting move with your family without all of the hassle. In fact, the gadgets we’ve mentioned above are just some of the things you can use with the rest of your moving plans in order to make your move more comfortable and less stressful. Remember, sometimes the best moves happen not because of coincidence but because of proper planning and preparation. And the investment you make towards getting these gadgets can be very much worth the while.