4 Essential Safety Systems for Your New Car


In the past, the only safety systems that you could rely on in your car were seatbelts. While many manufacturers spent time trying to design vehicles that would stand up to the violence of a crash, most were only minimally effective. The cars of today are being designed using innovative technologies to prevent crashes from happening.

What if you could make drivers and their passengers safer by preventing collisions on the road? This is the new age of vehicle design. Creating alerting systems and artificial intelligence features that help you to stay safe on the road is now the priority

Not only will these technologies help you to avoid deadly collisions, but they can also reduce the amount of your auto insurance quotes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential safety systems for your new vehicle.

Forward Collision Warning

It only takes one second to realize that you are about to hit the car in front of you while driving. You may have been looking in your mirror or adjusting your radio station when a vehicle in front of you has come to a sudden stop. Being able to react in time is a challenge for most drivers. A forward collision warning system will alert the driver when they are at risk of hitting another car on the road. Using sophisticated sensors, your car will let you know when you need to stop suddenly.

Automatic Emergency Braking

When you are driving on a highway, you may need to stop quickly at high speeds. Most drivers do not leave enough room between themselves and other vehicles to be able to stop safely. In most cases, when driving at highway speed of over 65 mph, it takes more than 10 car lengths to come to a complete stop. An automatic emergency braking system will alert the driver that they are in danger of a collision and engage the braking system. This means that your braking system will already be working when you are at a safe distance. The automatic emergency braking system can help you to slow down your vehicle and avoid a serious crash.

Blind Spot Monitoring

When driving on busy streets, you can be surrounded by other moving vehicles. All vehicles have a small space in which it is nearly impossible to see other vehicles at your sides. Even when using your mirrors, it can be hard to see approaching vehicles coming up beside you. A blindspot monitoring system uses sensors and cameras to locate vehicles that are driving in your blind spot. An alert will tell the driver to take care and that they have a vehicle beside them.

Inattentive Driving Monitor

How many times does the average driver take their eyes off the road? While the exact numbers may be hard to calculate, it is proven that many accidents happen due to inattentive drivers. If you are not looking in front of your vehicle for up to three to five seconds, your car will alert you to keep your eyes on the road. This can help to prevent accidents and keep drivers more aware of what is happening on the road around them.

If you are shopping for a new car this year, make sure that it has some or all of these innovative safety technologies to help keep you and your family safe on the roads. And if you want to keep your car safe in other ways, purchase cheap car insurance.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com