Trak N Tell: Reinventing Car Safety with Vehicle Telematics


With an aim to enable vehicles embrace telematics driven safety technology, Trak N Tell is delivering a unique solution to its customers.

Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell interacts with Zia Askari from about the innovations that the company is bringing to the market and its future plans.

Please share about your key focus areas today?

At the moment, we are focusing on product development and business expansion. Our immediate mission is to become the de-facto ‘standard’ for all car and bike owners, who are concerned about the safety of their family as well as their vehicle.

How are you targeting the market segments? Please share your go to market strategy?

Although the products developed by Trak N Tell can be deployed globally, with a growing international customer base in countries like China, USA, Europe, and Africa, our main focus at the moment is to scale its business in the Indian market. Since the connected car space in India is still at a nascent stage, we are currently placing focus on the Delhi/NCR region.

We plan to gradually expand Trak N Tell’s reach to other cities in the country, and hope to gain strong foothold in major metropolitan areas by the end of this year.

What are the innovative features of your product that differentiate this in the market scenario?

With an expertise in the IoT space, specifically in vehicle telematics, we offer a wide range of safety solutions that comprise a piece of hardware that fits inside vehicles, along with a companion mobile app for the customer’s phone. This app can be synced via Cloud intelligence infrastructure.

Additionally, our unique product – Intelli7 has been crafted with the aim to delve beyond technical aspects. We also deliver customized telematics solutions to both vehicle manufacturers and vehicle owners.

How can this help users secure their cars as well as deliver ease of use to the users?

Through years of research on human behavior and associated needs while driving, we make sure that our product addresses key aspects like safety of kinfolks as well as reduction in car theft & threat. Intelli7 is modified to match driving habits, road rituals and customized needs of Indian families and can be attached to either personal cars or fleet vehicle for business owners. Our mission is to bring a human touch to technology with this device that cares for a car as much as the owner.

Moreover, Trak N Tell’s biggest USP lies in its GPS-based unit that can understand the structural dynamics of a car and adapt to panic and threat situations through prompt actions. Our primary focus is passenger safety. Therefore, in case of an impact, our products can help in locating the stranded occupants and provide necessary assistance.

Please share details about the technology behind this solution?

Trak N Tell’s ‘Intelli7’ has been manufactured through years of R&D combined with human insights, resulting in a telematics device that functions more as a safety companion rather than being another run-of-the-mill product. Some of the vital tracking & safety features provided by this product are: Satellite tracking (GPS), stolen vehicle recovery, Predictive engine failure, preventive maintenance notification, and fuel monitoring system.

We have recently added a new security feature called ‘Watchman’ on the app across all Android smartphones. The feature will be remotely upgraded across all Intelli7 devices so that existing customers can benefit from it. When enabled, this feature will instantly transform one’s smartphone into an alarm clock so they can be informed about potential threats in real time, and take corrective action.

How do you look at car manufacturers deploying more security features now? How will this be helpful in such a scenario?

Several OEMS, as well individual car and bike owners are amongst our customers. Our GPS & GSM-based tracking solution allows vehicle tracking, remote engine immobilization, monitoring of engine health, etc. It also allows for predictive engine failure, preventive maintenance notification, fuel monitoring system and more.

How do you plan to make this available in India? What kind of channel strategy do you have for India?

In India, we have a service network that spans over 110 cities. Our products are listed on major e-commerce portals and are also available at over 200 shops in NCR.