3 Players That every Team Would Like to Have!


It’s December of 2019 when the Indian Premier League auction for 2020 will be held, and we know some of you just can’t wait to see it happening.

So much so that, sometimes, it gets hard to decide which part of IPL is more popular, the game itself, or the auction! And we all love the nail-biting tension part of the IPL auction when multiple teams dive to grab a single player by waging bidding wars, and that makes the whole thing further entertaining.

There are multiple factors, though, to be decided which player would be bought by which team – you can check the odds on IPL 2020 at 10cric. In this article, we are going to talk about three such players that every team owner or fan would love to include in their team, and perhaps they are going to be the most expensive ones to buy as well for the same reason. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Steve Smith:  We all are going to set our eyes on steve smith this year too. He was an excellent bat for Rajasthan Royals in 2019 IPL, and hopefully, he will be one of the most sought out players for the upcoming session as well. Things were not very good for the Australian skipper in the last year, and many of us almost wrote his final cricket obituary. His ban period has ended already, and just like this year, he is undoubtedly getting anxious to tear the competitors apart with each of his skilful strike of the bat.

Having Steve on the side is like being one step ahead than the rival even before the game starts. He was most certainly the nucleus of the Rajasthan Royals team this year, and there’s no news that they are going to release him this as well. He played a total of 10 innings and scored 319 runs before he left to join the Australian world cup team. However, if RR decides not to retain him anymore, he will be the star attraction for fans, teams, and bookmakers in the auction.

David Warner: Another bat from the Australian soil, and he was involved in the same controversy with Steve Smith, and served the same year-long ban period as well. He was the captain for Sunrisers Hyderabad and carried them to achieve till they win their very first tournament title in the IPL in the year of 2016. He scored more than 600 runs in IPL 2019 despite the fact that he barely missed 6th straight fifties in T20 as he was brilliantly caught by Steve Smith; hence, he remains at par with the Jos Buttler and Virender Sehbag on the club of five consecutive fifties in IPL history.

Definitely will be one of the most desired bats in the 2020 auction, if Sunrisers Hyderabad thinks to release him to be sold. As of now, no rumour as such we are aware of, but things can turn in any direction as the auction date approaches. So, let’s cross our fingers and wait, and just like we gave you the odds on IPL 2019 last year, we will be the first to provide you with the news if we come across even the slightest hint of him being available.

Manish Pandey:

Manish Pandey, also known as the first Indian ton scorer in the IPL, is a right-handed bat, and his favorite position as a batsman is the top-order. In 2009, he was the squad member for Royal Challengers Bengaluru, and he scored the first IPL ton (114) for any Indian. Later, Pandey signed for the Pune Warriors in 2011 IPL and remained there until he was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2014 IPL auction. He was one of the leading players in KKR and continued serving them well before he joined Sunrisers in 2018.

With a total of 344 runs and an average of 43 throughout the season 2019, we can safely say that he didn’t disappoint Sunrisers at all. He was brought for a mindblowing sum of 11 crores by the Sunrisers in 2018, which made him the team’s costliest buy that year. He remained in the squad for a consecutive second term in 2019, and as we know so far, he is going to play from the same side in 2020 IPL as well.

What player do you think will be the most demanded in the upcoming auction, and which team is going to be the most balanced one, do let us know in the comment section below. Do not forget to keep an eye for odds on IPL 2020 at 10cric, as we always update this page with the hottest IPL news to you before anybody else.