3 Everyday Activities That Look Set to Benefit From 5G


It is a simple fact that many of us are now hugely reliant on our smartphones and tablets. From organising our diaries and playing casino games to listening to music and watching our favourite shows, they have become a key part of our lives.

This was clearly highlighted by research from Ofcom in 2018, which revealed that 78 per cent of adults believe they could not live without their smartphone. In addition, 71 per cent added that they never turn the devices off.

A whole new level

However, while mobile technology plays a fundamental role in our lives, our experience with such devices may go to a whole new level thanks to the emergence of 5G.

As Ericsson details in its guide to the technology, the fifth generation of cellular networks builds on previous iterations to offer a new and improved mobile experience. The brand points to several major issues that it could have an impact on, including connected vehicles that can share data to prevent road collisions and production lines capable of autonomous reactions.

But, how could 5G have an impact on your day-to-day life? Here we examine three activities that could be massively affected by the new technology.

1. Online gaming

So many games are thriving on mobile at the moment, from online casinos to the action and adventure of Call of Duty and famous names from gaming’s past like Mario. Many online casino providers also offer their services on smartphone and tablet, with Genesis Casino mobile featuring more than 1,000 different games in the format. The site explains how its services can be accessed via the browser on Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Linux devices.

But how could this area be transformed by 5G? Well, the faster speeds may mean that titles become more responsive, while the standard of graphics could go to a new level as well. That could prove particularly important for live casino, which relies on live stream technology for a seamless experience. Developers may also embrace other innovations by adding virtual or augmented reality elements to their titles.

2. Movie streaming

Watching films and TV on mobile devices is part of life for many of us, as such content might ensure we are entertained during long journeys or a commute. In the aforementioned article on 5G, Ericsson states how the technology allows people to download a high-definition movie to a handheld device in just seconds.

The idea of using 5G to access movies was recently put in the spotlight by Google. As AndroidCentral details, the brand created a ‘mobile cinema’ campaign which allowed people to download classic films from a unique Google Map.

Source: Pixabay

3. Surfing the web

Many of us grab our phones and casually browse the web when we have a spare moment and even that simple activity could be revamped thanks to the power of 5G.

The entire mobile experience will be made faster by the technology and that may mean that we see more video content emerge across a host of websites. In a similar vein to gaming, there may also be an increased use of virtual and augmented reality capabilities, with 5G opening sites up to new possibilities in terms of graphics and how they structure content.

A bright future

Mobile technology plays an important role in many parts of our lives, but the emergence of 5G could potentially make it even more vital.

It is fun to speculate on what might change as a result of the technology and it will be fascinating to see if some of the issues raised above ultimately come true. However, one thing seems certain, 5G may mean that the mobile experience will never be the same again.