ZTE Unveils 5G-Oriented Compact Metro Edge E-OTN Product

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ZTE Corporation has launched its ZXMP M721 CX63A, a new compact metro edge E-OTN device for 5G network construction.

Featuring centralized cross-connection and great support for 5G fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul, the new device is capable of performing service transport on aggregation access layers while offering big bandwidth to metro edge. Also it provides a unified platform for integrated processing, making it possible for operators to spend less on their network construction.

With one single slot of ZXMP M721 CX63A supporting 200G/100G service boards to provide large bandwidth for the 5G metro edge, the device allows access of optical signals in diversified formats and supports ODUk/Packet/VC-based centralized cross-connection while performing cross-connect scheduling of packet, OTN and TDM services. Meanwhile, it enables integrated service processing on one unified platform.

The new device supports both hard network slicing and soft network slicing at the same time. In addition to optical and electrical hybrid cross-connecting, it is also capable of switching services from L0 to L3. Combined with optical time domain reflectometer(OTDR), auto power optimization (APO) and software-defined optical networks (SDON) for building intelligent and open network architecture, the ZXMP M721 CX63A is recognized for fewer network layers, simplified upgrade and O&M and compact design, which means to help customers run 5G networks with less operating expenses.

So far, ZTE has launched multiple metro edge devices covering full-scenario applications on the access layer to meet the challenge of 5G and big video services.