How ZTE is Driving Service Development Trend of “Zero Touch Evolution”

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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has proposed the service development trend of “Zero Touch Evolution” at the ZTE Global Service User Conference held in Kuala Lumpur.

During this conference, ZTE collaborated with participants and industry analysts on the theme of “Zero Touch Evolution,” and extensively explored the new trends for service transformation in the M-ICT era, including quality of experience guarantees for users, customer loyalty enhancement, the impact of network function virtualisation (NFV) on the transformation and re-engineering of network operation and maintenance (O&M) and business operations and new opportunities brought by ICT integration for the industry.

Yang Jiaxiao, general manager of ZTE’s Service Business Department, said that hundreds of millions of connections will be established in the future, generating huge amounts of data. However, traditional operation support systems (OSS) and manual planning, design, construction, scheduling, optimisation, maintenance, and troubleshooting cannot meet the future network and business needs created by these massive connections and data. The only way to meet these needs is through a high degree of automation, and services should develop towards the goal of “Zero Touch Evolution” in the future.

To achieve this goal, services must evolve through three stages: the voice business service era focusing on OSS tools and NOC; the data business service era focusing on big data and SOC; and the adaptive ultra-broadband business service era focusing on self-orchestration and OpCF, where ubiquitous network connections will provide an excellent user experience. The service systems aiming for “Zero Touch Evolution” will aim to guarantee the development of “Mobile Internet +” and “Internet of Things +.”

The conference attracted many operators from Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka etc. The ZTE Global Service User Conference provides a platform and bridge for ZTE to communicate with customers worldwide.

In addition, mutual support and strategic cooperation between operators and vendors will further promote the industry’s healthy development and evolution.