ZTE completes 4G LTE network test for China Telecom


ZTE was ranked No.1 in terms of shipment during the 4G network construction among the three Chinese domestic operators. At 4G services are being rolled out, ZTE and the operators held joint tests in several cities to test the 4G network performance in multiuser and high traffic scenarios. 

In the test organized by China Telecom in Shanghai, the network built by ZTE delivered exceptional performance, where one single CS accessed a maximum of 450 subscribers simultaneously for the first time. The access success rate reached 100% and the CPU load was lower than 30%. The 450 subscribers accessed the video services at the same time, which made the cell’s throughput exceed 100Mbps, but the CPU load was still lower than 9%. In addition, ZTE specially designed the test case for signaling storm.

The 450 subscribers executed paging and activating repeatedly. In this case, system KPIs were fully normal, and the CPU utilization was only about 36%. Hence the 4G network built by ZTE successfully handled the burst of large traffic, proving that the system can easily handle issues resulting from the signaling storm.

Now, ZTE 4G networks have been widely and commercially applied around the world, and experienced tests from global operators and subscribers. ZTE has continued to provide the prime-quality high rate data service for customers and can handle burst of large traffic scenarios with ease. During Hong Kong Sevens in 2013, CSL’s LTE network constructed by ZTE provided over 40,000 subscribers with premium quality services; while in Admiralty Station, the busiest subway station in Asia, the 4G sites deployed by ZTE satisfied the most stringent requirements, even when the single cell’s RRC connections reach 800, the CPU load still keeps at a lower level, ensuring the stable performance of system.

The LTE commercial networks constructed by ZTE lead the industry in performance. For example, Hong Kong CSL’s network performance was ranked No. 1 in the third party comprehensive evaluation; Austria H3G’s wireless KPIs topped the third party test; Belgium BASE ranked No. 2 in the third party test and Germany ePlus network tested performance is outstanding. All these achievements prove that ZTE’s network construction and delivery capabilities can meet the highest expectations of customers.