ZTE, China Unicom Partner to Showcase 5G High-precision Positioning Network Equipment

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ZTE Corporation has showcased a carrier-grade 5G high-precision positioning network equipment in partnership with China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute at Xiong’an 5G Innovation Development Cooperation Conference held on May 10.

ZTE’s high-precision positioning network equipment includes high-precision synchronization equipment and high-precision positioning equipment. The high-precision synchronization equipment can construct a nanosecond-level synchronous network.

The high-precision positioning equipment can realize the meter-level positioning accuracy in complex scenarios.

Based on the wide-area high-precision positioning solution of 5G in-band high-precision ground positioning network, ZTE can realize the kilometer coverage of indoor and outdoor seamless high-precision positioning at the meter level, and improve the positioning accuracy of traditional base stations by about two magnitudes.

The high-precision synchronization network and positioning network provided by ZTE and China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute offer a carrier-grade solution, effectively addressing the service challenges in urban and indoor scenarios.

At Xiong’an 5G Innovation Development Cooperation Conference, China Unicom also inaugurated China Unicom Smart City Research Institute and announced 5G+ Beidou High-precision Positioning Open Laboratory. ZTE is one of the first members of the laboratory.

As long-term strategic partners, ZTE and China Unicom will have in-depth cooperation in the fields of smart city and smart transportation, and carry out emerging intelligent services based on the high-precision positioning technology.