ZTE, China Unicom Complete 5G Pilot in Mining Industry

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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, together with China Unicom and Shandong Energy Beidou Tiandi, has completed the first 5G local traffic offloading pilot in the mining industry in Shandong Province, China.

With private network coverage as the test target, the pilot employs “5G+NodeEngine” base station-level local offloading, customized for China Unicom Shandong Branch, to bring the mining services a private network.

The pilot, in bid to ensure data transmission security and nearest local access, has tested and verified two major functions of ZTE’s NodeEngine solution: local traffic offloading of base station and local inter-connection with eBridge.

Customized equipment for underground private network by China Unicom Shandong Branch

The video monitoring data is sent to the underground integrated control center directly through the intelligent offloading module, so as to reduce the latency by more than 50%. At the same time, ZTE’s NodeEngine solution, combined with the air-interface keep-alive strategy, ensures that the core production services will not be affected when the underground and ground optical fibers are disconnected. Moreover, local inter-connection with eBridge can realize control and equipment management among production devices and between the control end and remote terminals.

By virtue of ZTE’s NodeEngine solution, ZTE’s 5G base station has been empowered with powerful computing capability to offload the local traffic. Meanwhile, the NodeEngine solution helps further strengthen the data transmission security, safeguard the production when the optical fibers are disconnected, and realize the fast and low-cost service provisioning.

Moving forward, the three parties will be committed to the customer and demand-oriented innovation investment, expecting to accelerate the in-depth development and expansion of 5G technology in the mining industry and assist enterprises to achieve fast deployment of digital application.