ZTE, China Telecom and Zhejiang SUPCON Partner to Build 5G+ Industrial Service Platform

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ZTE Corporation has announced that ZTE and China Telecom have empowered PLANTMATE, an elaborate one-stop industrial service platform built by Zhejiang SUPCON, with 5G network.

By virtue of the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G network as well as the 5S nearest service mode, PLANTMATE service platform allows specialists to provide on-site personnel with remote guidance.

Based on China Telecom Tianyi cloud platform and 5G network, ZTE, Zhejiang Branch of China Telecom and Zhejiang SUPCON have jointly developed the 5G remote guidance system, PLANTMATE service platform, which enables specialists to respond to troubleshooting requests promptly and remotely, thereby greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

PLANTMATE service platform allows on-site maintenance personnel using AR glasses equipped with high-definition cameras to send high-definition images back to specialists through 5G network. Specialists and on-site personnel can communicate via voice and video while sharing whiteboard with each other.

In addition, PLANTMATE service system can also access the maintenance specialist team at Hangzhou Headquarters of Zhejiang SUPCON to obtain remote consultation and technical guidance.
Leveraging ZTE’s end-to-end 5G capabilities, PLANTMATE service system provides customized solutions to facilitate the troubleshooting and maintenance in the industrial scenario, so as to save enterprise costs, improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction and build up a mature industrial Internet.

In the future, ZTE, China Telecom and Zhejiang SUPCON will deepen 5G strategic cooperation in the industrial field, jointly promoting the implementation of 5G industrial internet.