ZTE, China Mobile complete verification of 5G Massive MIMO

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ZTE Corporation together with the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile, has completed the verification of the new three-dimensional coverage solution, 5G Massive MIMO 1+X SSB (Synchronization Signal and PBCH block) solution, in the central business district of Guangzhou, China.

The solution has greatly optimized the coverage performance of high-rise buildings and improved the vertical coverage rate by more than 30%. In addition, fewer beams transmission has significantly saved resource and reduced power consumption.

To achieve high-quality 5G network coverage, ZTE has introduced 5G Massive MIMO 1+X SSB innovative solution. “1” here refers to the wide beam with power boosting, to provide basic coverage and implement staggered transmission between adjacent cells in time domain. To adapt to various three-dimensional coverage scenarios, “X” can be configured on demand to expand vertical coverage and achieve optimal network coverage.

ZTE and the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile have fully verified the performance of 5G Massive MIMO 1+X SSB coverage solution in various scenarios, including high-rise buildings, outdoor pavement and continuous network. The result turns out that the horizontal wide beam “1” with power boosting could achieve equivalent horizontal coverage of 8 beams while the flexible “X” vertical beams configuration has increased the coverage rate of high-rise buildings by over 30%.

Compared with the horizontal 8-beam solution, the 1+X SSB solution with fewer beams configuration has increased the access capacity by 30% and the service capacity by 5% under the high-load network condition while reducing equipment power consumption by 10% under the low-load network condition.

In 2020, the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile and ZTE announced to build Guangzhou into a leading 5G “pilot city”. Both parties have carried out a number of innovative research projects, such as the new 5G DAS (XXX) multi-channel joint transmission technology to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency 5G indoor coverage.

Moreover, the two parties will continue cooperation in various fields, including Massive MIMO complex networking, AI and big data based AAPC (Automatic Antenna Pattern Control) tool, which efficiently optimizes 5G Massive MIMO multi-antenna weight, and 5G Massive MIMO 1+X SSB automatic horizontal/vertical beams optimization.

Moving forward, ZTE and the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile will further expand the application scope of 5G Massive MIMO 1+X SSB solution in commercial 5G networks, thereby fully leveraging its values in vertical coverage performance, network capacity and equipment power consumption.