Ziox Mobile – Riding High on Quality, Affordability and Innovation


With an aim to deliver high-quality technology at affordable prices – targeted towards the Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets – Ziox Mobile is bringing in a lot of innovation in the Indian market.

Deepak Kabu, CEO, Ziox Mobile interacts with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s current strategy and how it plans to bring innovations in the Indian market.

What are the key priorities for Ziox today?

The Indian Mobile Industry and the market have absorbed an evident yet huge transition. In the recent years, the emergence of several IT brands, international and domestic, has caused the market to become very challenging.

Every Brand is now fighting for the space. With Ziox Mobiles, we do not compromise even an inch in our quality. And to deliver a high-quality technology at affordable prices, moreover targeted to the Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets, has been our priority. The challenging atmosphere has even led to aggressive pricing of products.

As a result of Ziox Mobiles, as a brand has always paced with the market, steadfast on maintaining the quality, pricing and technology at its best. Precisely, though we have our reach all across Pan India, we prioritize being officially available in the remote regions of our country.

What kind of innovations are coming from the company today? What can we expect in the near future?

Innovation is very competent in itself, since it has to be not just different than other brands or just upgraded but the better one than the previous models as well. Trends in the Mobile market today are the feedback of audience, the needs of the consumers to stay ahead of the crowd and updated with style. For instance, our Dual Rear Selfie Camera – Duopix R1/F1 are designed as per the trends of the ongoing market.

Also, we are currently focusing on embedding Bezel-less Display in the upcoming Ziox Smartphones. For future, we shall focus strongly focus on 4G Smartphones, bringing value added features with the latest in technology at best prices.

What is your go to market strategy for India?

To achieve a firm foothold in the today’s challenging and competitive market of India, one may not need to be different but think/act differently. And keeping that in mind, we differentiate ourselves as delivering superior quality technology at potent prices.

With a total investment of INR 100 crore, our go to market strategy is chiefly to focus on retail visibility and connecting with the consumer through BTL activities and social media. So as to make our brand reach the consumers across Pan India, a 360-degree marketing campaign is what our element of go to market strategy is.

Please share with us some of your big challenges? How do you want to overcome these?

There is no doubt, saying that India has recently entered the international platform with its ‘Make in India’ brands and with that the positive transition is evident. However, a challenge still remains is, India does not manufacture several IT components, and those particularly are imported from other Asian leading countries’ brands.

China raised the bandwidth prices of the components such as display screens, causing an issue of shortage. Being a new brand in the competition these smaller challenges do impact against the established players of the industry.

How do you look at the competition? What makes Ziox special today?

All until now you must have got a fair idea of what are the hurdles, a brand faces being in Indian IT market. However, we emphasize more on enhanced technology and superior quality by which we gain our customers’ loyalty. Another parameter on which a Ziox device will be cherry-picked is its user-friendly interface. In a market flooded with devices which are neither quality assured nor easy to use, we are sure that consumers will make the right choice in going for a Ziox device. Our offerings make us special.

Please share your plans to bring number if smartphones in India? What’s your brand roadmap?

Numbers aren’t our only target. Our aim is to be a valuable partner to our consumer. A Ziox consumer is not a frivolous individual with only passing interests. He is someone for whom any person or thing isn’t just a means but is a partner for whatever time possible. We do not intend to capture the market by plain value or market shares; we want to take over the mind & perception shares as well.