Zambia’s Paratus Telecom Picks RADWIN JET to Drive Wireless Broadband


RADWIN, the global wireless broadband provider, has announced that Paratus Telecom – a service provider with in Zambia with international points-of-presence – has deployed RADWIN’s JET Bi-Directional Beamforming wireless broadband solutions.

Paratus Telecom is using JET to provide high-capacity last mile connectivity to residential and enterprise users in Zambia’s capital Lusaka and in other provinces, and has also installed RADWIN 2000 Point-to-Point for high-capacity backhaul. Beacon Telecom, RADWIN’s partner in Zambia, is responsible for project design and implementation.

Marius van Vuuren, Country Manager Zambia, Paratus Telecom: “We chose JET after a thorough competitive evaluation. JET allows us to realize fast time-to-market and is a fraction of the cost of fiber. One of the biggest challenges that we face in our network is interference – mainly in densely populated areas – because many of our points-of-presence and high sites are shared sites with other operators. JET’s unique Bi-directional Beamforming technology fights interference and allows us to provide greater coverage with less infrastructure. With JET PtMP we are delivering up to 50 Mbps at ranges of up to 15km, even in challenging NLOS conditions where direct line-of-sight is obstructed by buildings or trees. RADWIN’s ruggedized units operate in harsh weather, providing the high-speed connection our customers crave. The combination of RADWIN’s advanced technology and the presence of our country partner Beacon Telecom led to the successful fruition of this project. And as our network continues to grow, JET will easily scale to accommodate more subscribers and deliver greater capacity.”

Helit Bauberg, Technical Director, Beacon Telecom: “Telecom service providers that we work with really appreciate RADWIN’s carrier-grade solutions. Features such as JET’s multi-band support, NLOS and long-distance provisioning and the fact that JET is extremely simple to install and maintain thanks to its intuitive planning tools and simple operation position JET as the right solution.”

Nicholas Ehrke, Sales Director Southern African Region: “JET carrier-grade systems are adopted by leading service providers in the world based on their commercial and technical merit. Our equipment is built to last, and allows operators to roll out high-speed broadband fast, and reach areas where fiber cannot reach or is not financially viable. Powered by Bi-Beam™ – our revolutionary bi-directional beamforming technology – JET dramatically reduces interference and gives service providers the optimal solution for providing high speed broadband to their residential and business customers.”

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