Zadarma Starts MVNO Operations in France


Zadarma Cloud telecommunications provider has become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in France. It now offers its own French mobile numbers with access to phone calls and SMS.

The MNVO market in France has been well-established for a number of years already, but in 2022 Zadarma is coming with a disruptive approach that does not limit customers use of services and comes at a competitive price with no connection fees.

Chief of Marketing speaking about Zadarma becoming an MNVO, said, “It is a significant achievement and a meaningful step aligned with our company mission to provide seamless and affordable communication to people and businesses.”

Virtual numbers are a powerful tool for both personal use and business growth and representation.

Zadarma is a cloud telecom provider in Europe and around the world. Zadarma offers a vast range of voice communication services from virtual numbers in 100 countries, Cloud PBX, free CRM system to integrations with helpdesk and CRM platforms, call tracking and speech recognition services. Zadarma has 15 years of experience in the VoIP industry and is entrusted by over 2 million users from 170 countries. Until May 1, 2022, the monthly fee for French mobile numbers is discounted by 50%.

Voice communication is the priority for Zadarma. Unique technologies at the basis of its services allow end-users to take confident and easy decisions for both business and private communication needs.

For many years now futurologists have been predicting the death of voice communication, however, each year virtual telephony is improving and continuing its development.

Zadarma operates 7 main data centres in 7 countries on three continents (Europe, North America, Asia) and also has many smaller platforms.

All main data centres are connected to at least two external channels and Internet Exchange Points (IX). Full backup is used within each data centre (services, servers, power supply, network infrastructure). Backup also takes place between data centres
For maximum connection quality, traffic is routed through the nearest data centre.