Yunnan Telecom Picks Huawei to Deliver Gigabit Experience

Gigabit Connectivity

China Telecom’s Yunnan subsidiary (Yunnan Telecom) officially released a series of Huawei-based smart broadband and fiber to the room (FTTR) all-optical gigabit products and solutions at the Smart Ecosystem Partner Summit. This move marks another big step forward in the home broadband field and sets a benchmark for Yunnan broadband development.

Home Wi-Fi is vulnerable to interference from surroundings such as co-channel and adjacent-channel interference. In addition, when multiple users in a home use Wi-Fi at the same time, network congestion may occur, and Wi-Fi cannot differentiate the priority of the services required. As a result, congested packets are randomly discarded, causing delay and packet loss. Gaming services are especially sensitive to latency and packet loss which causes poor user experience, such as erratic display and frame freezing.

According to the China Internet Development Report in 2020, the number of e-commerce live broadcast users reached 265 million. Live broadcast requires frequent interactions between web anchors and users. In addition to high Wi-Fi stability, low latency, and low packet loss, live broadcast also requires higher upstream bandwidth. When multiple users access Wi-Fi at the same time, the web anchor needs to be prioritized over other users to avoid erratic display, frame freezing, and disconnection.

To address such challenges, Yunnan Telecom launched a gaming and live broadcast broadband solution that features Huawei‘s OptiXstar Wi-Fi 6 ONT V662c. The solution enables users to play games and conduct live broadcast over Wi-Fi without frame freezing, obvious delay, or disconnection.

In addition, Huawei’s OptiXstar Wi-Fi 6 ONT V662c has the following features:

Identifies services automatically with embedded artificial intelligence (eAI). Services covered include live broadcast, gaming, online education, and virtual reality (VR), providing dedicated assurance for key services.

Supports the Wi-Fi 6 air interface slicing technology. Different slices carry different services and do not interfere with each other.
Supports the system-level chip acceleration engine and Wi-Fi optimization algorithm. The air interface rate can reach 3000 Mbps.

Uses unique high-gain omnidirectional antennas. Such antennas are leveraged to implement Wi-Fi coverage in the entire residence.
According to statistics, more than 29% of residences in China have an area of more than 120 m2. To provide users with true gigabit Wi-Fi experience in different living space, such as living rooms, bedrooms, studies and bathrooms, multiple Wi-Fi networks need to be deployed to provide full signal coverage for large residences and villas.

Yunnan Telecom uses the Huawei FTTR solution to extend fiber connection to each room and uses Wi-Fi 6 ONTs to deliver true gigabit Wi-Fi coverage and experience. The FTTR solution has the following advantages:

True gigabit: Supports 16 Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi rate over 1000 Mbps in each room.

Seamless roaming: Supports seamless roaming and imperceptible handover between Wi-Fi hotspots.

Long-term evolution: The service life of fibers is longer than 30 years, and one-time deployment supports long-term evolution.

Simple O&M: The fiber+ONT solution reduces fault points, improves user experience, and simplifies O&M.