Xperi Reveals Expansion of Vewd OpX for TV Operators


Xperi Holding Corporation announced at IBC 2022 the launch of Vewd OpX for Android TV Operator Tier. With this version, Vewd OpX — a cloud-managed operator-grade set-top box (STB) experience that integrates Pay-TV services with OTT content — is made available as a custom launcher and TV app for Android TV Operator Tier STBs.

The solution has successfully been deployed by U.S. operator Evoca for the delivery of its NEXTGEN TV service, making it the first Android TV Operator Tier launcher on an ATSC 3.0 platform. Vewd OpX continues to be available for global operators and hybrid TV applications leveraging European broadcast standards such as HbbTV as well, and this latest expansion shows the continued growth of the product.

“Android TV is increasingly popular as an OS for Pay-TV set-top boxes, and with this new implementation we’re excited to simplify operators’ path into the Android TV world,” said Sascha Prüter, senior vice president, product management for Vewd. “Evoca has been a valued customer since 2021, when Vewd OpX was rolled out on Evoca’s Scout receiver. This latest deployment on Android TV demonstrates the flexibility of Vewd OpX in enabling operators to deliver a consistent user experience across OS platforms and to manage all variants via a unified cloud management system.”

Beyond using Vewd OpX to deliver Pay-TV experiences on Android TV, Evoca benefits from device management tools offered by Xperi to remotely configure its STBs in the field and to deliver software updates to deployed devices. With the integrated solution, Evoca can offer a fully managed NEXTGEN TV experience, including ATSC 3.0 broadcast and broadband channels, OTT services and apps, VOD content and cloud recording services.

“For our service built on the ATSC 3.0 standard, we needed a robust, flexible solution for customizing the user experience on Android TV set-top boxes,” said Mitch Weinraub, vice president of product management at Evoca. “Vewd OpX fulfills Google’s requirements for the Android TV Operator Tier, enabling easy content discovery and consumption across broadcast and OTT channels, apps, games and more using our new receiver, called Pilot.”

Vewd OpX is based on a flexible set of UX modules including: Home Screen, Live TV, Guide, First Time Installation, and Settings. On Android TV Operator Tier, Vewd OpX can be used as a custom launcher, TV app, and to customize the Android TV standard setup wizard. The Vewd OpX framework can be tailored by operators to create a specific experience, including branding, configuration, custom views, and special integrations.