XNET picks Baicells to become multi-service Blockchain MNO


XNET, a new provider and operator of Decentralized Wireless (DeWi) networks, and Baicells Technologies, a provider of LTE and 5G cellular solutions, have announced a partnership in a bid to make XNET the first multi-service Blockchain Mobile Network Operator.

The XNET solution model is notably different from other DeWi operators which primarily have focused on providing affordable high-speed data connectivity to users and devices.

While XNET will offer high-speed data connectivity, it also offers an expanded suite of familiar communication services and features similar to what traditional mobile operators offer today.

Baicells Logo

Leveraging CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) spectrum, as well as licensed spectrum, the XNET solution will wirelessly connect mobile devices as part of the turnkey bundle. The solution affords users their own phone number, the ability to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls and SMS texting, and other important features like E911. In addition, XNET will support a neutral-host and roaming capability meaning that wireless subscribers from other networks can seamlessly connect or roam onto the XNET network as long as they have a CBRS compatible device (e.g., iPhone 11 or higher).

XNET is taking a very strategic and focused approach to their network build-out to ensure a highly coordinated coverage footprint in areas with known service gaps, very much like a wireless carrier.

Initial build out is focused on the Greater San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City metro areas. One of XNET’s core values is bringing connectivity to both the unconnected and underserved communities through grants and strategic partnerships by means of the XNET Foundation.

DeWi networks are an alternative network architecture and economic model that can help deliver advanced wireless (cellular) coverage, indoors and out, to communities and enterprises which are underserved by traditional operators. The model requires individuals and organizations to deploy a turnkey small cell bundle under the direction of the operator and, in return, receive recurring compensation in the form of cryptocurrency for their participation.

Baicells is already a leading provider of networking products to DeWi operators with its proven Neutrino Indoor and Nova Outdoor small cells; compact and high-performance systems that offer a quick and easy setup for operators.

With the continued advances in small cell technology and availability of spectrum, DeWi network platforms are increasingly affordable and easy to deploy, helping bring cellular connectivity and its inherent benefits to users and enterprises of all types and sizes. Cellular connectivity is no longer the exclusive domain of the major carriers and consumers no longer must sacrifice security and performance for simplicity and low cost.

Once deployed and in service, the small cell owner-operator earns $XNET Tokens for providing wireless coverage and connectivity to user devices. These users can be XNET subscribers or subscribers from other carriers who roam onto the XNET Small Cell. As more devices connect and more traffic is transported on the XNET network, the small cell owners benefit by earning more. The $XNET tokens have value as a utility token, allowing individuals and organizations to pay for network services. XNET is offering a one-time launch reward bonus to early supporters.