Xiaomi Launches Largest Mi Home in India

Xiaomi Logo

Xiaomi has launched a new Mi Home store in the prominent Indiranagar area of Bangalore.

Spanning across 6000 sq. ft. and covering two floors, the new Mi Home stands to be the largest Mi Home store of the nation. It is also the finest Mi Home in terms of retail design grandeur.

Sporting modern architectural design, the new Mi Home outlet stands out as an iconic structure with a futuristic concept. The building showcases unique, edgy patterns and was constructed using eco-friendly materials.

The new Mi Home is also equipped with special solar powered charging stations as part of the brand’s effort to implement pro-environment measures. In addition, the interiors project a minimalistic look wherein neutral shades of white and grey are applied ensuring absolute attention to the products on display.

The new Mi Home also houses the largest experience zone, flaunting a collection of over 200 experience products that are sold globally. Some of these innovative products include the Mi Robot vacuum which is a highly intelligent home cleaning device that has 12 sensors to guide it through a house, Mi Smart Washing Machine which can be controlled using one’s smartphone through which the washing process can be customized, and Mi Smart Projector 150 which is the world’s first ultra-short focal laser projector with ALPD technology that delivers up to 150-inch Full HD at a distance of 50 cm, and a product life of 20,000 hours. Ranging from smart home, smart travel to fitness and personal wellness sections, these products cover a plethora of categories offering innovative, smarter living solutions.

Additionally, the store offers unique spaces such as the engagement zone and its very own Mi Home cafe wherein customers and Mi Fans can host regular meetups or spend quality time on their personal work and reflection.

Marking the opening of this flagship store, Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India shared, “This is a truly special moment for us as the new Mi Home takes our new retail concept a step above, offering enhanced retail experience to our Mi Fans and consumers in India. The building represents a unique space that encourages people to think, learn, and engage, hence reflecting our drive for innovation. The futuristic concept embodies our efforts to connect the present consumer experience with the future. We hope that our Mi Fans and customers in Bengaluru visit this iconic store to enjoy the new retail experience, and make the most of our innovative product line-up.”

Mi Homes serve as the prime example of Xiaomi’s innovative retail concept wherein the brand’s e-commerce efficiency marries intimate retail user experience. They offer Mi Fans and customers the valuable opportunity to explore, experience or buy Xiaomi products under one roof. Him Homes also serve as a platform for Mi Fans and customers to share their feedback on these products. This significantly helps the brand in incorporating the necessary insights towards developing future Xiaomi offerings.