Xiaomi generates employment for more than 50,000 people in India

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Xiaomi has announced that it has generated employment for over 50,000 individuals in India. The extended Xiaomi family has been built over the last five years since 2014 – and comprising of partners from manufacturing, after sales, offline sales, logistics and corporate employees.

Xiaomi’s manufacturing partners contribute over 30,000 employees of which more than 95% are women, followed by Authorised Service Center engineers, Repair factory engineers and customer care executives. The third biggest contribution comes from offline stores support followed by logistics partner support who dedicatedly work for Xiaomi. Xiaomi India employs 1000+ people across its corporate HQ in Bengaluru and over five regional offices.

Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operations Officer, Xiaomi India on the occasion of celebrating the milestone commented, “In 2014, when we began our journey – it was a one person team where Manu did everything. As we scaled up – we hired and trained talent, and worked closely with our partners to build a strong ecosystem of people to work for Xiaomi. Today, we are so proud of the fact that over 50,000 people’s lives have been touched because they work with Xiaomi directly or indirectly.”

He further added, “This extended family of ours are not just employees or our partners. They are a pivotal part of our journey, and we work closely with them to help them see the bigger picture they are contributing to, and be proud of it.“

To celebrate this milestone Xiaomi India has produced a brand film showcasing some of the lives its impacted; and their incredible life journey.

Chenchamma, FOXCONN India, Xiaomi’s manufacturing partner : Chenchamma is the youngest in her family. Before joining FOXCONN. she worked as a tailor, but thanks to a public announcement in her town for employment, she is working in Xiaomi India’s manufacturing plant and is a key operator there. Today, she is a self sufficient woman who also supports her family financially, thanks to her work at Xiaomi’s manufacturing plant.

Vijay, Owner – Mi Store, Xiaomi’s exclusive rural store : Taking after his father’s occupation, Vijay also was J an auto driver for most of his life but he always believed he was meant for bigger things. He used to drive his customers, see how they talk business on the phone and wished for the same. He had a Xiaomi smartphone and understood the potential it could bring to a person’s life and knew there was a huge demand for it. A few of his old friends guided him to set up a Mi Store in Babina, Madhya Pradesh. He saved up, worked sleepless nights and made one of the best decisions of his life as it completely transformed.

Sudeep, Product Manager, Mi TV, Xiaomi India : Sudeep has followed Xiaomi since it started in 2010 and MIUI was his first Xiaomi product and became a Mi Fan. After his MBA, Sudeep joined Xiaomi India from a technical background, and first worked with the theme team. He officially joined as an intern with the social media team, and then went onto working for After-Sales and smartphone hardware team. In 2017, he went on to be the product manager for Mi TVs and today, Sudeep is the official spokesperson for Mi TVs.