XCellAir Launches XCellRAN Wi-Fi Solution for Operators


XCellAir, the Wi-Fi Quality of Experience (QoE) focused company has unveiled XCellRAN Carrier Wi-Fi software solution.

The XCellRAN Carrier Wi-Fi solution is a scalable QoE system for operators’ entire carrier Wi-Fi network, from residential homespots through to outdoor metro area deployments. During this year’s Mobile World Congress, visitors to the XCellAir stand (#7A71), will be able to see first-hand how the product is helping operators provide reliable Wi-Fi performance across their networks, increasing capacity, extending coverage and reducing cost.

The rise in demand for data and connectivity has seen Wi-Fi rise in prominence as a universal and interoperable technology, embedded in an ever-growing number of devices. However, Wi-Fi services, especially in the home, are largely unmanaged, and operators cannot hope to monetize these services without vastly improved QoE for users. While issues around connectivity, roaming and authentication are being addressed, there are still gaps around critical areas such as radio resource optimization (RRO), automated operations and scalability.

The XCellRAN Carrier Wi-Fi solution unlocks unutilized unlicensed spectrum, actively tracking and automatically fixing network and access point-level issues before they affect service. Going beyond simple enterprise-centric Wi-Fi radio resource management (RRM), XCellAir provides the industry’s first Carrier Wi-Fi Self Organizing Network (SON) system.

XCellRAN automates the configuration process and provides radio optimization and fault tracking, thereby enabling the network and access points to heal themselves while seamlessly improving QoE for users. It also provides operators state-of-the-art visibility into the network, including dashboards and analytics, to understand exactly what is happening in the Wi-Fi environment. With XCellRAN, operators can evaluate the strengths and overcome weaknesses in their network before launching new voice and video services. Furthermore, as a cloud-based software product, XCellRAN works across multiple markets and deployment scenarios using capacity as needed, supporting millions of access points while preserving the flexibility and cost advantages inherent to Wi-Fi.

“Since we launched last year, we have experienced tremendous demand for the Carrier Wi-Fi solution, and invested considerably in development of its core capabilities. Multiple trials have demonstrated its effectiveness and allowed us to fine-tune the product to enable large scale deployments,” said Amit Agarwal, CEO of XCellAir. “With our XCellRAN system, operators can have clear visibility into their networks, ensure the optimal use of available Wi-Fi capacity, improve the service quality in congested areas and ensure excellent quality of experience even in areas where there is interference from sources outside the control of the XCellRAN system. One year from our company’s launch, we are thrilled to be announcing the general availability of our XCellRAN Carrier Wi-Fi solution as a product to the market.”