WZC Networking Redesigns Wi-Fi Network 50% Faster with iBwave


US based WZC Networking was hired to improve the Wi-Fi network at a large North American convention center. In order to be successful, WZC wanted to provide their customers with the most optimal design that would meet their performance KPIs.

To achieve this, WZC used the powerful combination of iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile app on-site, the iBwave cloud to share information, and iBwave Wi-Fi for the PC to finalize the project.


WZC Networking used the powerful combo of the iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile app, iBwave Cloud, and iBwave Wi-Fi for PC/Laptop to drastically reduce the time it took to do the site survey, design the network, ensure performance KPI compliance, and deliver an accurate and complete Bill of Materials. Here is how they did it.

iBwave offers a comprehensive software suite and hands-on certification programs that help deliver optimum wireless network coverage and capacity inside various building environments.

The company, which now serves over 800 leading operators, system integrators and equipment vendors worldwide, has developed award-winning technologies to tackle network planning and deployment challenges for both enterprises and public venues.

Its portfolio includes mobile applications that enable customers to streamline pre and post installation processes, perform Wi-Fi and Small Cell designs directly on-site, and facilitate information sharing in the iBwave format.