WMC Global: Enabling Solutions to Automate Security Responses

Ian Matthews

Spotlight on Digital Security | TelecomDrive.com

At a time when mobile devices are increasingly becoming important for enabling success of personal and work digital lives – enterprise and telecoms community find it extremely difficult to ensure security from phishing attacks.

This is where WMC Global is making a huge difference with its innovative solutions that are designed to safeguard devices from malicious digital activities. Ian Matthews, President & CEO, WMC Global speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s current focus and its future plans.

What are the key priorities for WMC global today? 

  1. Identify and provide the best data into the mobile phishing landscape
  2. Use phishing detection, attack data enrichment, phishing kit analysis, and credential data to provide scalable solutions to disrupt every step of the phishing kill chain.

How do you look at the email and phone protection landscape today?  

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the center of personal and work digital lives. Attackers are taking advantage of the confusion around the rapid transition to remote work, rapidly changing government relief programs, the dependence of delivery services to target businesses and consumers unprecedentedly through targeted mobile phishing attacks.

Many solutions focus on enterprise email accounts because it is clearly the responsibility of enterprise security teams. Email focus has led to many solutions, including reporting buttons, secure email gateways, email triaging workflows, firewall blocking, and many others. Phishing is still getting past these protections, but attackers have also learned that personal mobile phones are in a grey area for enterprise security, making them an easier target.

WMC Global understands that security doesn’t stop at the border of an enterprise’s network. WMC Global provides solutions that help enterprises, mobile, and internet ecosystem providers automate security responses and speed up human analysis.

What are some of the innovations that WMC is driving in the market today? 

WMC Global offers the SpamResponse APP and integratable SDK to make it easier for end users to report suspicious text messages. The SpamResponse app has been deployed by US Cellular make it easier for subscribers to report malicious messages resulting in a significant increase in reported messages.

How are your solutions different from what other vendors are offering? 

Unlike other phishing platforms, WMC Global understands the mobile messaging ecosystem. WMC Global has over fifteen years of experience working with Tier 1 MNOs around the globe, launching the first mobile market compliance program in the United States, and protecting the short code ecosystem for the CTIA.  With unparalleled insight into how threat actors launch attacks against subscriber and employee mobile devices, WMC Global continues to innovate alongside marketplace shifts, deploying solutions that focus on attackers shift to mobile.

Please share your go-to-market strategy and your key target geographies?  

WMC Global (focus in the US and UK) offers global phishing detection B2B solutions for protection and threat intelligence for organizations who need actionable data about their impersonated brand, misused service, or compromised customers within the mobile phishing landscape.

WMC Global targets highly regulated mobile services providers and organizations with high-risk mitigation needs like financial organizations.

Globally what could be the size of your product/solutions user base today?  

Our products could be leveraged by every MNO and financial institution in the world.

What are your plans for achieving growth in the coming months? Where is this growth going to come from? 

Our experience indicates that the marketplace will continue to see an uptick in mobile threats and therefore we dynamically target industries or verticals which have a mobile blind spot in their defenses. We continue to drive industry awareness which directly accelerates our growth potential.