Windstream Prioritizes Community Communications in COVID-19 Crisis

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Windstream Enterprise’s remote communications tools — and its offer of free communications services for 90 days — are helping municipalities, schools and other public entities perform their duties.

At a time of unprecedented public need, Windstream Enterprise is embracing its role as a community communications provider by supplying public agencies around the United States with stable, secure remote communications tools so they can continue the critical work of keeping people safe and governments operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From municipal agencies to school districts, a wide range of public entities are utilizing Windstream’s virtual, cloud-optimized solutions like OfficeSuite UC® and HD Meeting® to maintain the reliable, secure remote communications that are so important to keeping local governments functioning during a crisis.

The Town of Enfield, Conn., is among many municipalities across the U.S. that are leaning more heavily on Windstream’s unified communications offerings.

“Windstream’s OfficeSuite UC® solution has enabled our local officials to remain accessible remotely, without having to share their personal cell number,” said Paul A. Russell, CGCIO, who serves as Enfield’s chief technology officer. “We have also used HD Meeting® to maintain continuity of local government operations, such as town council meetings, with the option to host encrypted sessions for critical communications. Participants can dial in via phone, web or mobile app.

“It’s important to us,” Russell continued, “that vital municipal operations remain uninterrupted and our citizens are able to participate in local government — even amid these unprecedented circumstances.”

To support communities during the crisis, Windstream Enterprise is offering its OfficeSuite UC® and HD Meeting® services free for 90 days to all new and existing customers who order by June 30, 2020.

“We’re keeping in close contact with public officials around the United States, and they are telling us they urgently need secure, reliable and robust communications tools to continue working without disruption,” said Layne Levine, president of Windstream Enterprise. “As long as this crisis lasts, Windstream Enterprise will go above and beyond to provide public entities and their employees with the remote working solutions and support they need to keep communities safe and governments functioning.”

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