Will Gamers Need Apple’s First AR Device?

Gamers Need Apple's AR Device

Let’s start with the basics. Augmented reality is birthed from virtual reality. It is a step in the deeper application of data analysis and deployment in VR to make for a more immersive and beneficial user experience in everyday life.

The casino industry, for one, is part of the spheres quickly grabbing AR’s power and deploying it to their everyday use. The most widely the technology can be used in slot games like Geisha slots with a Multiplier feature. New video slot inspired by the Oriental culture is definitely the game you want to play using an AR device. But for gamblers better option can be a Shining Crown slot as it has higher RTP. Some of the other industries that make use of Apple AR include:

  • Education
  • Airspace
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate

However, it is not only these industries that have decided to move their life experiences online with the help of AR. The gaming industry has also seen this remarkable shift. This piece would explore the use of augmented reality in the gaming industry, particularly the different surveyed reactions of gamers to the newly introduced Apple Arcade (an AR Headset).

Over the years, gaming has grown from a small industry to a billion-dollar empire. This surge is directly linked to gamers’ engagements of different gaming platforms and devices all over the world. And with recent gaming innovations that have spiced up this space, Apple has decided to join the train and show itself in a new light with this product. The tech company recently announced its Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming device called Apple Arcade. With this, gamers are certainly in for an immersive experience.

This device works for primarily three functions, which include gaming, watching videos, and communicating. These are done in virtual reality, which effectively pictures a 3D environment. According to Bloomberg, “Apple’s first crack at a headset is designed to be pricey, niche precursor to a more ambitious augmented reality product that will take longer to develop, according to people with knowledge of the matter…”

But do gamers have to use this Apple’s first AR device? Let’s check out reasons on both sides of the divide – the pro use and the potential non-users.

Apple Arcade Upsides

Reasons are replete on either side of the coin as regards the use of Apple’s first AR gaming device. Some of the reasons in support of Apple’s headset are explained below.

Advanced Processors

More than any other VR product around, Apple has decided to use some of its most advanced and powerful processors on this device. The Apple M1 Mac processors have been noticed to lag way behind the performances of these more advanced processors and chips with which this AR device/headset is produced. Not only is the performance better, but the resolution is also higher compared to AR products already in use by people.

Hence, with apple making a lot of tech investments, gamers find the reality of this device promising. More advanced tech in this AR headset means that, more than ever before, gamers would have a more immersive gaming experience.


Apple AR Glasses

The surprise on the face of many as regards Apple building this product with a fan is not uncommon. It is both unexpected and thrilling. However, it gives a sense of spice to the gaming tech world. Other AR devices do not usually have the input of fans. This is novel with Apple as a company. Other products from Apple, especially their phones and computer gadgets, no fan or everyday user was consulted or employed specifically for the initial production. Maybe, even for subsequent updates.

In contrast to this previous trend, Apple has decided to add the spice of life, innovation to their list of priorities when making tech products. The branching into the AR world has a strong sense of novel challenges to it. But with the help of a professional gamer among the team making these Apple AR glasses, perhaps, these challenges can be mastered and conquered.

Innovative Invention

The place of innovation in the tech industry is indisputable. Only a company that does not plan to be in business in a couple of years to come would decide not to innovate. However, for Apple, it is a consistent trend noticed over time that Apple gets itself to bring something inventive and new to the table. Thereby, it eradicates any fear of cliche productions in the heart of its consumers. And not only so, with their innovation, they also give a sense of support and class to their previously made products.

This AR headset is a smart move if Apple plans on successfully succeeding the familiar iPhones. iPhones would be made enticing again as the connectivity and compute power of these AR glasses is from the iPhones. Thus, the presence of iPhone-tethered AR glass would invariably increase the value of iPhones in the minds and market of men.

Potential Downsides

On the other side of the argument, the following thoughts are strong.

Commercial Interest Motivated

Apple Arcade is an incredible AR headset. However, the reason behind it seems to dance around commercial interests. The revenue projection for AR products is incredibly high by each year. This could just be another Apple ploy to follow the money. And in Apple’s case, it is always the topic of taking monopoly or distinct moves or not. The making of the headset could have just been motivated by the fact that this company would like to “follow the money” or have a large chunk of the projected revenue by influencing the gaming space with more advanced and high-resolution technology.

The current analysis shows a high return rate for AR and VR investments for big tech companies. Hence, it could serve as a route signal for these companies to do something in the AR space. There is a projected overall revenue impact to the tune of tens of billions.

It Is an Experimental Device

Apple does a lot of market tech testing. So, releasing this device to the public use for gamers could be just one of their plans to see if the tech would scale. The team in charge of this headset in Apple could just be playing with something the company has not fully intended to get its back on. An experimental tech could be great at the moment, but people have generally realized that they are what they were called experimental. Hence, no one should get their hopes up just yet. The fact that it is in circulation is for the devices to go live, function, and get used by beta users, as it were. And once this is realized, the data aggregation from complaints and concerns from this could greatly influence the massiveness or not of the sale in subsequent releases.

Our Verdict

As it stands, Apple has built this monster of an AR device but seems to be anticipating really little sales from it. This proves a possibility of attempting to get their hands around user feedback, which would tell remarkably in their future decisions and updates on this product. Despite making this product with the consultation of a fan believed to be a gamer, it is rather surprising to see that these devices still seem to thrive on consumer comments and satisfaction reports. It is good for tech product makers to know how their product works with the users. However, it is equally important to consider the varying perspective of products being unnecessarily low supply in the market. This would make gamers raise eyebrows and probably begin to doubt their use of the product to start with.

In conclusion, gamers are left to choose their fate; either they would go with the juicy benefits of the Apple Arcade or stick to the sides of the red flags.