Why Unturned Becoming A More Popular Game


Unturned has taken place in the most popular games on Steam along with other titles such as Team Fortress, Counter-Strike and Data2. Unturned is a free-to-play zombie survival game programmed by a sixteen-year-old Canadian lad. He used Roblox, simple programming accompanied by a crude aesthetic that appears like Minecraft, but still, it retains the essence of zombie survival gameplay. The creator Nelson started creating games when he was a mere nine-year boy, and after interaction with GameMaker, he published this title.

Different genus

Unturned is a different genus game in the collection of multiplayer survival games; it is more than MMO games. While playing the game, you feel at ease as the system is simple chatting and playing with friends. You can endure the zombie manifestation. But as the game unfolds, you have to undertake difficult assignments like breaking into a well-guarded fortress, negotiating with individuals, searching for supplies and trying to survive. The game is designed for the community, and many features are incorporated according to the demands and feedback of the gaming community.


In spite of the technical glitches and blocky appearance, the game is compelling; you are marooned on an island infested with zombies, with no supply and arms. You are alone and need to scavenge, search the environment to survive and combat with other players. The ecosystem does not allow you to take an easy breath. At first, it is not easy to endure as you are defending less you are at the mercy of the crooked zombies. They pull you out of the speeding car and rip you apart. If out of hunger, if you eat wild berries, you would be intoxicated; the delusion makes you easy prey.

Effective and reliable

To survive the wilderness of unturned, you need help; unturned hacks bring victory to your doorstep, and the radar informs you about the enemy movement; the aimbot gives you precise firing power. The duo helps to eliminate enemies in every stage of the game. But do not use the instruments indiscreetly, it draws attention, and you may be banned. The hacks and cheats are effective and reliable till you use them judiciously.

Explore different worlds

Players of survival games are often tortured with massive maps, where numerous players fight with each other to survive on scarce resources. In unturned, the theme is no different but still inspiring. Two size maps are available medium and large, but it takes hours to traverse the medium size map on foot. It becomes more hostile if you encounter zombies. The larger maps are the terrain of Russia, Greece and Germany, depicting many cities like Moscow, Athens and Berlin. All cities are linked through roads, and in the cities, there are cafes, hospitals, police stations, apartments and churches. But you never know when a zombie will come in front of you when you explore any of the sites. You can explore different worlds when you play this title.


In this game, you have the opportunity to customize the chosen character. You can select the character`s attire, accessories, arms, skin and even hairstyle. For this, you need to spend some money, but fortunately, not real money, but currency used in the game. Many players like this generous gesture. Only you have to search where the money is hidden.

Status upgradation

The more you undergo searching operations, combat with enemies and building structures, you gain experience, and that merges with your status. The status is segmented into three categories; offence, defence and support. The offence status defines your combat skill, such as firing accuracy, agility and overkill. In defence status, it shows your endurance, power, vivacity and immunity in a hostile environment. The support segment portrays your cooking, crafting and harvesting capability. A unique feature that is unavailable in other survival titles.

Twenty-four online gamers

The desiccated server of the game supports up to twenty-four online gamers in a session. This increase the fun element of the game. Along with this feature, you can play it in offline mode too. Two player split screen option is also available in unturned; it makes the title more immersive when you play with a friend than with an unknown digital partner.

Dreary silence

To survive in the game, you need state-of-the-art weapons, guns, ammunition and other accessories like handsaws and rakes to deal with unprecedented situations. But it is always better to use firearms than crude ones as they are more lethal and effective from the third-person perspective. The only soundtrack available on the game is a song that plays in the background. The dreary silence can be loud, which makes the atmosphere chilling. You feel more alone with no help near about. When you are near a zombie, a sound is produced that may seem irritating but essential. The sound of fire shots and equipment are unimpressive, which could have been more impactful. Many features could be upgraded to make the title more immersive and impactful.

Picture Courtesy: Unsplash.com