What should be considered when designing an NFT platform?


Creating multiple tokens does not require a development team and a lot of time. The trading platform service offers every entrepreneur who wants to upload a digital asset to the site and bind tokens with a subsequent sale. The popularization of the NFT space and the benefits of transparent trading have already attracted big players and well-known personalities to the sector. When the stakes are rising and you need to present a lot of goods, the NFT platform will require no less time and resources for proper design and development.

In practice, to develop a platform in the NFT space with a wide range of digital assets, a development team will be required:

  •     Designer. As with any marketplace, an NFT site requires advertising banners, design, advertising and corporate design.
  • Analyst. NFT technology is still very young and is undergoing a number of transformations, so an experienced analyst is a real necessity with a serious intention and market capitalization.
  •     Programmer. Software is an indispensable attribute of any trading system, NFT is no exception in this regard.
  • Front-end and back-end developers. The classic of the genre for the online platform is applicable to the NFT, and has already proven its relevance for the promotion of the store in this environment.
  •     Content manager. A successful presentation of a digital asset will require brief and detailed descriptions. In the context of an extensive assortment, a content manager and a copywriter are indispensable.

All these specialists work here: https://uastar.com/services/nft-development-company. The blockchain store is not tied to a specific server. In practice, all operations with tokens can relate to any platform, but the successful development of the sales platform will require the implementation of traditional rules similar to the marketplace.

Enticing showcase

Visually and technically, an online platform in the NFT space does not fundamentally differ from a classic store. It also has promotional banners, descriptions, pricing, and vendor information. In this regard, you will need to create the most attractive appearance of the showcase. In an increasingly competitive environment, classics of the genre are especially popular when working in high-growth markets.

Information about assets should be streamlined and organized into a single logical chain. The main principle is maximum information content, conciseness and neat appearance.

Trading format

By definition, an NFT token allows you to establish ownership, the right to replicate or copy without commercial use, or a limited right to certain types of transactions. This is all convenient and correct, but it somewhat distinguishes the NFT platform from a typical marketplace. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance the possible trading formats that will be established for each asset: purchase, exchange, copying, auction or replication on a commercial basis.


It is worth noting that the presence of an active wallet is a necessary requirement for the system to register on the platform. In addition, the integration of several wallets at once will allow you to accept tokens from a larger number of potential customers. You can add several applications and thus improve the payment service of the site.

Search system

Given the large number of copies, it will be easy for users to get confused in the range of assets presented. An advanced search engine will save time on finding the right item. Filters, categories, tips will increase the comfort of using your site, and choosing by price will speed up the search for the desired asset.

Dialogue with the consumer

The ability to view the rating, leave a review, will complement the loyalty and relevance of your site. The buyer must see the transparency of the conditions and have access to open information about the asset in real time. The functions of data exchange between the consumer and the seller will allow you to better understand the needs of buyers and adjust the functionality and assortment of the site, taking into account real trends.

Chats, forums, integration with modern messengers will only increase brand loyalty. Also, the platform must be integrated into various blockchain services (Ethereum, Flow, and others). This will attract users from competitive sites and increase conversion by increasing traffic. But if you can’t do it yourself, contact NFT marketplace development company.