Whale Cloud Taps Nibiru to Deliver 5G Messaging with VR Experience


Whale Cloud, a technology company providing software solutions and services for telecommunications and multiple industries, has partnered with Nibiru, a provider of AR & VR operating system and industry tools, to develop its 5G messaging service that offers virtual reality (VR) experiences.

As the 5G network starts to roll out, there has been a growing demand for interactive technology. In order to optimize 5G messaging service and better meet market demands, Whale Cloud has cooperated with Nibiru to leverage Nibiru Creator, an amateur-oriented tool for XR interactive content creation, providing users with rich media content including video, audio, picture, text, etc., as well as immersive experiences.

Whale Cloud’s 5G Message Platform (HETU), with VR capability integrated, provides a set of tools to break the limits of traditional SMS and make 5G messaging a universal 5G information and communication service. In addition, HETU sets up dedicated message channels between enterprises and telecom operators to ensure that messages are delivered in a secured and encrypted environment.

“We are glad to be cooperating with Whale Cloud, to combine VR content with 5G messaging applications. The in-depth collaboration facilitates VR capability to run on the cloud, by taking advantage of high broadband, low latency, and other 5G features, bringing VR experience within reach and no longer relying on expensive equipment,” said Peter Liu, Co-founder, Nibiru.

“Whale Cloud’s 5G Message Cloud Platform offers a suite of out-of-the-box tools for media production, delivery strategy, fallback to Chatbot, H5, Quick APP, and short messages, and result analysis. With partner capabilities integrated, we will continue to unlock the full potential of 5G and other advanced technologies, and empower 5G messaging ecosystem for operators, service provides and other enterprise customers around the world,” said Qiang Yin, VP, Digital Catalyst Research Institute, Whale Cloud.