Wearable Innovation: Boltt unveils the Explorer Campaign #MyBolttPass


The Sports-tech wearable company, Boltt is all set to push the boundaries of the health conscious. Making a paradigmatic shift in the way we use fitness wearables, Boltt is all geared up to help you identify a new version of ‘You’, with the launch of the Global Explorer Campaign, #MyBolttPass.

The campaign is a call out to all enthusiastic, determined, strong-willed fitness souls who makes an effort to build a perfect lifestyle. It targets those who takes the chance to healthy living and with every morning, they keep moving.

The campaign unveils with the #MyBolttMove initiative which invites everyone to share their endeavor to a healthy lifestyle and avail advanced AI enabled Boltt products (‘Smart shoes’, ‘smart band’ to ‘stride sensor’, the products boast of chat based AI powered interactive & personalised coaching advice). It offers innovative solution in the form of an AI Health Coach, that is smart, adaptive and efficient.

● Join #MyBolttMove & get a chance to win exclusive Boltt wearables
● Explorer Campaign to identify early adopters & fitness freaks
● Launched a crowdsourced fitness community

The initiative is a shout out to every effort taken at an individualistic level to stay healthy. It is to recognize those inspired moments which broke off the fringes of fear, conquered weaknesses, overcame the inner battles and walked towards being the master of your mind.


Those moments when you were bold, inspired and took that one step to give up the unhealthy habits and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. All moments of exemplary self-control are Boltt moves, starting from getting rid of bad habits, to taking up a yoga session or picking up healthy over junk food items, etc. Every conscious effort made to healthy living discovers the New YOU and Boltt is calling out to all those stories from every corner of the world to create the Boltt movement.

Join the movement and share your fitness stories which demonstrate unrelenting spirit towards healthier living and get a chance to win the Boltt passes to own Boltt Products. Boltt pass is your golden ticket to take home Boltt smart wearable kit for FREE.

The smart kit includes Boltt smart shoes, smart band and a free subscription to AI-powered mobile app. #MyBolttPass will carry a unique coupon code which can be redeemed at the time of pre-order on Kickstarter. The participants can share #MyBolttMove across social platforms who have similar strong willed stories.


“So far we have received positive response in our drive to innovate smart and user-friendly products. Our products are designed to offer intuitive, connected fitness solutions with the Artificial Intelligence App. Our aim is to motivate and inspire each one to embrace the healthy lifestyle with advanced fitness solutions. With the launch of our first campaign we look forward to a successful journey in the industry”, stated Arnav Kishore, CEO & Founder, Boltt.

“The Explorer campaign, #MyBolttPass is to drive awareness towards healthy lifestyle while bringing transformation through sharing inspiring stories of fitness conscious souls. We are excited to announce the #MyBolttMove initiative before Kickstarter launch and looking forward to the positive response from the users,” said Aayushi, CMO & Co-Founder, Boltt.