“We have the potential to digitally enable small businesses and empower them towards growth”


Keeping in mind the immense potential in India’s digital enablement segment, Pulp Strategy Communications – is a unique organization focusing its efforts towards enabling next generation communication strategy for different verticals.

Ambika Sharma, Founder & managing Director, Pulp Strategy Communications speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s core focus areas, and new age innovations that we can expect in the coming months.


Ambika Sharma


What are the key priorities for pulp strategy today?

Our priority continues to be growth driven by innovation and excellence in the interactive media domain. We are focused on building capabilities to serve the needs of those that we value the most

What kind of digital trends do you see shaping the future of digital enablement..?

Mobility, hyper local targeting, focused customer approach, optimization of content, localization in a global environment and engagement which is meaningful for businesses are the trends which are shaping the future of the digital medium and becoming growth hacks for the future.

Please share with us some of the key technologies for your organisation??

We have seen greater growth n the real time marketing space in particular on the Mobile and the social media. This year we launched our first real time content hub which powered gamification of marketing engagement content. It saw great success and is now moving to scalability as a natural progression.

What kind of growth are you looking at? And where is this growth going to come from?

We are pursuing growth in adoption of practical technology implementation, content creation and engagement marketing online as well as offline. We have seen a healthy bottomline growth this year so far.

How many people does the company has today? And what are your plans on hiring?

We are a team of 135 professionals and growing. Pulp Strategy is acquiring talent in key areas currently.

How do you look at the government of India initiative – digital India..What role can be played by an organisation like yours?

Digital India is a growth catalyst not just for skills and development in the It industry but more importantly it will become the accelerator in taking local businesses global. The potential is immense and its exciting times for small businesses, where opportunities are opening up fast.

I strongly believe that organizations and businesses like ours who have gained from India’s growth environment have the means to give back to the society and other entrepreneur driven businesses. Pulp Strategy has worked towards building diversity in our supply chain with an outreach and mentoring to women based entrepreneurs we have seen success and its become a best practice over last 2 years.

With Digital we know that we have the potential to digitally enable small businesses and empower them to growth. We have taken this on and we are currently in the initial stages of mentoring and enabling 4 such businesses in the mobile and digital space pro bono. We are looking to expand this initiative to cover more within the calendar year.

What are your future plans what kind of innovations can we expect from your end.?

We are set for the announcement of our new product in the mobile enablement domain next month.