VR Elevating Potential for Online Casino Games


The internet is absolutely jam-packed with speculation about virtual reality and how it is going to change the world. Everywhere you look it’s VR this, VR that. This is because it is the biggest thing to happen to the technological world since, well, computers.

Hi-tech visionaries have been imagining a world in which people are using equipment to enter virtual worlds for some time now, and 2016 is the year when everything is set to click into place. The gaming market is ready to take a leap into the future, with online casinos set to evolve once more.


Goldman Sachs drew up estimations regarding potential applications and industry sizes for VR, and predicted that the gaming market will attract 216 million users, a sector which they valued at $11.6 billion. These figures can give you an idea of how huge VR is expected to be in terms of gaming, let alone other applications. The Oculus Rift is a VR headset released by Facebook, and the engineers at the company are in the process of creating virtual social settings in which users can meet up and chat. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he aims to have 1 billion people using Facebook in VR as soon as possible. The Goldman Sachs estimates split the potential VR markets into sections, but there is also the strong possibility of synergy between different niches, such as social settings that also offer gaming. The possibility of a virtual online casino in which players can enjoy games and socialise may be closer than we think.


Microgaming, the innovative casino software developer, is already making waves with its ambitions for VR. The company made a name for itself by being the first developer to produce online casino software for desktop, mobile, and smart watches. 32Red Australia is home to a large number of pokies developed by Microgaming, such as the Jurassic Park game for which the company won the Digital Product of the Year award. When players play the game at 32Red they receive a sign-up bonus of $32 on every $10 deposited, and can find detailed information about how to bet, and which symbols provide which pay-outs. Players that enjoy Microgaming products can play the same games elsewhere and search for other attractive bonuses as well. Dazzle Casino has a lot of the best Microgaming slots, and offers players free spins on the game of the day.


VR can take Online Roulette to Next Level

The annual ICE gaming expedition is an opportunity for developers to showcase their latest innovations, and all the pieces on display are consistently at the forefront of the latest technology. An engineer for Microgaming said that the company continuously aims to be looking three to five years into the future with its developments, and it has targeted VR and wearables as the most lucrative platforms on which to produce its games.

Microgaming’s main showpiece at ICE 2016 was its VR Roulette game for which it won the Digital Gaming Innovation of the Year award. Fifty industry experts concurred that the software was the most revolutionary thing available right now, and users who tested it at the expedition also provided excellent feedback. The game allows players to enter a virtual setting, like space, and place roulette there. Players can see the betting area and wheel in front of them, and move their hands to physically place chips on a certain area. All the users agreed that it provided a fully immersive experience, something that gaming has always been striving to create.


32Red and Jackpot City have numerous ways of playing roulette, including French, European, and multi-wheel variants, but to be able to offer players a totally new gaming experience will serve to enhance these games even further. And this is just the beginning, the company that have dominated in providing software for online casinos throughout their history will not stop at VR roulette.

But how exactly will people be playing online casinos in three to five years? There is the possibility that players will not just be putting their chips down on VR roulette games, but actually walking around in virtual online casinos. The potential for VR for online casino games is endless, and these are truly exciting times for the industry.

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