VPN for Home Offices: Reasons why it is Crucial in Today’s time


Home office or working from home is the new normal. Around 4.7 million workforces were already working from the pandemic, COVID-19, hit the world. After the pandemic, this number swelled like anything.

While working from home was the need of the hour, it comes with its own set of challenges and increased cybersecurity threats and tons of online dangers top the list. It is shocking to know that the average cost of a data breach in the remote work model has touched the mark of $137,00..Not only this, 63% of US Companies have faced a remarkable jump in phishing/social engineering during pandemic..

All these figures clearly show that a remote work model has invited many unwanted hassles. In this situation, how secure is your home office?

Is it protected or safe enough?

What can you do to safeguard it?

These are some questions that we will try to figure out in this blog. So scroll down.

Why Is the Home Office So Vulnerable?

In most houses, the internet connectivity is not properly secure and has high-end encryption to safeguard it. Whatever security it has, it is from the service providers’ side, which may be sufficient for personal use but not at all safe for office use.

Hackers, viruses, malware can easily break into such poorly protected networks and corrupt the system and database. Sharing business-critical documents, using unprotected, is like hitting your foot on the ax itself.

The unpredicted pandemic forced enterprises to compromise the security of their business communication means and data.

Since the work-from-home framework was widely accepted, there is an unprecedented surge witnessed in phishing incidents. Recent research revealed a hike of 600%  in phishing emails from the end of February 2020.

Is There Any Way Out?

Of course, there is, and it is using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN is the only way out from the extensive web of online frauds and cyber threats that weaves around one when the internet connection is not secure enough.

VPNs are technology-driven tools designed to protect any kind of internet connection and encrypt all the communication happening over there. With the help of this fierce online security tool, end-users can create a safe & secure passage for traffic.

A VPN will not only improve the connectivity but will provide you a secure internet over which you can exchange business secrets without any fear. Here is why having a reliable and best VPN for your home office is the best move to make:

  • VPN lets you have a safe online presence

As quoted above, it is not wise to have an unprotected online presence, especially when doing business-related jobs. You can end up being attacked by hackers or malware.

With VPN, you can protect your domestic internet connection. It makes it strong with military-grade encryption. It hides your IP location so that no one will snoop on you.

With features like auto kill switch and DNS leak, it makes the online world safer for you and lets you share crucial business documents without any fears.

Also, almost all big corporations have a centralized database.

Accessing this database with a VPN-protected connection brings great peace of mind as it won’t be harmful.

  • Enjoy Uninterrupted Connection

With an unprotected connection, all kinds of ads and unwanted emails will bug you. According to statistics, this type of interruption will reduce the productivity of the employees and waste their crucial time. Here also, VPN comes as a rescuer.

It allows you to restrict unwanted websites, apps, and web pages. Some even come with in-build ad-blockers. With all these facilities, employees can easily enjoy office-like dedicated and non-disturbed connectivity at their homes.

  • Access to all sorts of web content

It is easier to work from the office as the enterprise network grants access to all kinds of restricted material. But, your home internet connection is not that competent and will limit your reach.

The direct impact of this will be on your productivity, which will improve for sure. But, this will only happen when the VPN is reliable. Make sure that one you’re picking:

  • Is offered by a trusted service provided
  • Has ample security features
  • Is packed with minimum 128-Bit encryption
  • Offers a free trial
  • Is supported by a wide range of servers

Once you could manage to pick a VPN with all these qualities, your home office will be utterly secure and protected. Your life will become easy.

The Final Say

Having an unprotected online presence can have dire consequences. If this presence is used for business purposes, you can lose crucial data or get attacked by viruses/malware.

VPN is the knight in shining armor that can make your home office protected and secure enough to administer business communication without any fears. But, make sure that you’re using only a reliable one that is packed with ample features. Any run-of-the-mill VPN will suffice the purpose.