Vodafone Plans Air Purifying Bus Shelters in Delhi


In view of the high level of air pollution in Delhi, Vodafone has planned to set an air purifying bus shelter in three prime locations, starting with Safdarjung bus stand which is live now.

The Air purifier will absorb the surrounding polluted air, process it and the filter air that can be supplied to any close room kind of system. This is the first such solution for Delhites and would be implemented across different locations across Delhi in due course of time.

Over here we are going to use the filtered air to the bus stop which is going to be covered by plastic curtains, so it becomes close room kind of system.

Inside this bus stop we are going to have one indicator system. This Indicator System contains two grids of LED, one LED grid will display level of pollution of outside area, and another will display the level of pollution inside the bus stop so the passengers can get to know the difference between level of pollution.