Vodafone New Zealand helps Police spread the word about new 105 number

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New Zealand Police technology partner, Vodafone New Zealand has announced plans to help educate Kiwis about the New Zealand Police non-emergency number, 105.

Police recently launched a nationwide campaign featuring a catchy jingle performed by Police officers and support staff, which is designed to make the new number easy to remember.

To support their efforts, Vodafone is launching a nationwide competition inviting Kiwis of all ages to submit their own version of the 105 song for a chance to win part of a total prize pool of $13,000.

The competition categories are ‘Best Individual’, ‘Best Group’, ‘Best School’ and People’s Choice’. To find out more, head to www.vodafone.co.nz/105.

Head of Public Sector at Vodafone New Zealand, Murray Osborne, says the competition is a great way to raise awareness and educate Kiwis about 105 as well as support the Police in spreading the word about the new number to report non-emergencies.

“While the competition is a fun, light-hearted way for Vodafone and the New Zealand Police to engage with the public on 105, it also encourages the public to listen to the catchy song, and better understand what this number is all about and when they should engage with the Police for non-emergency situations.

Osborne adds, “We’re calling on all Kiwis to spread the word about this competition and encourage their colleagues, schools, community groups, friends and family to get involved, show off their creative talents and have a bit of fun while they are at it.”

Assistant Commissioner Service, New Zealand Police, Jevon McSkimming says the Vodafone 105 competition is part of a wider education programme by the Police to ensure Kiwis of all ages understand the role of the 105 non-emergency number.

“We want to educate Kiwis aged 5-105 about 105 and we’re using multiple channels to do that, from distributing collateral into communities to the creation of special resources for schools, and now also through this competition. We want every Kiwi to know that the free-to-call 105 number is there for them 24/7, and when they should use it versus 111, which remains the number to call in the event of an emergency.

McSkimming continues, “A key message we are pushing through our public education and marketing campaign is if it’s happening now, call 111, if it’s already happened call 105 or head to our online platform – 105.police.govt.nz – for non-emergency situations such as a stolen car or property damage.”

Vodafone has been the New Zealand Police’s technology partner for over 5 years and has also helped deliver the 105 non-emergency number alongside a number of technology initiatives that have helped mobilise the Police and allow them to focus on connecting communities and keeping New Zealanders safe.

Osborne explains, “A big part of our partnership with the New Zealand Police is to provide them with technology and mobility solutions that improve the way they connect with the public. We’re really proud to be able to provide the advanced technology platform that sits behind this number that will give Kiwis another way to stay connected with Police, and also enable Police to prioritise emergency situations while also providing support and advice in non-emergencies.”