Vodafone extends its range of refurbished phones

Vodafone extends its range of refurbished phones

New research from Vodafone reveals that refurb is on the rise, with a third of the country now owning a refurbished phone and a quarter (24%) planning on purchasing one in the future.

Almost half (47%) claim new items are simply too expensive and 40% say the rising cost-of-living is a key factor driving them towards pre-loved items.

When it comes to tech, mobile phones top the poll of items that Brits would buy refurbished or second-hand, closely followed by laptops (26%), TVs (22%) and tablets (21%). Gen Z are the generation most likely to invest in a refurbished device (61%) compared to just 21% of Boomers.

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On the whole, consumer confidence in second-hand shopping is rising, with the Office for National Statistics reporting that second-hand shopping helped boost 2.4% growth in non-food sales in February. Refurbished devices are growing in popularity with searches for refurbished phones up 39% on the Vodafone website in the last six months alone.

Vodafone Refurbished Phones

In response to the new findings, Vodafone has extended its refurbished phone range, so customers can save up to an average of £324 when bought with Vodafone EVO. Vodafone is the only major UK network to offer a two-year warranty on every Pay Monthly refurbished phone.

When looking at motivators for purchasing pre-loved items, the research highlighted that 37% of respondents would consider a refurbished phone to be more sustainable and 47% to save money.

But for the 42% who are refurbished-averse, quality of the device (65%), concerns it won’t last as long (45%), and worrying about data breaches (27%) came out as the top reasons the nation wouldn’t purchase a second-hand device.

To give customers peace of mind and address these concerns, Vodafone offers only high-quality refurbished handsets in ‘Great’ or ‘Pristine’ condition and, from April 2023, customers can get their hands on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Every phone in the range is Vodafone Assured which means it’s had a full 32-point visual and diagnostic check to ensure components such as the screen, battery and camera are fully functional. Every phone has also been deep cleaned, securely data wiped, and comes with a two-year warranty and device health check.

Vodafone’s 14-day no-quibble money back guarantee applies.

Max Taylor, Vodafone’s UK Chief Commercial Officer, said: “More people than ever are now considering refurbished devices so they can get a great value phone and be friendlier to the planet.

“With our market-leading two-year warranty, 32-point health check, and Vodafone EVO, the UK’s best smartphone plan, buying a refurbished phone from Vodafone gives customers peace of mind and flexibility.”

Kester Mann, Director of Consumer and Connectivity at CCS Insight, said: “It’s great to hear that Vodafone is extending its range of refurbished smartphones at a time of growing financial strain on UK households.

“Buying pre-owed offers significant cost savings, while Vodafone’s two-year warranty gives reassurance over device quality and reliability.

“Refurbs also promote more sustainable behaviour by reducing e-waste, something that is becoming increasingly important to consumers.”

Vodafone’s refurbished devices support the company’s commitment to promoting a circular economy. Vodafone has pledged to cut carbon emissions and electronic waste and help its customers do the same.