Vodafone Business launches resource hub for SMEs

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Vodafone Business has launched V-Hub in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. The service will offer SMEs detailed guides on key aspects of operating in a more digitalised world, covering topics such as website creation, digital marketing, remote working and cyber security.

SMEs create around 85% of new jobs and provide 66% of total private sector employment1 in the EU, contributing 3.9 billion Euros to the EU value added. However, Vodafone Business research has found that 50% of SMEs across Europe expect lower profits this year compared to 36% of larger rivals. Ensuring that SMEs are in a strong position to return to business as usual is a must.

To better support SMEs across Europe, Vodafone Business is launching V-Hub. Customers will have access to online guides, videos and webinars, and a chat and phone service putting businesses directly in touch with experts about specific questions.

The service will also draw on the expertise of local partners and industry leaders to help SMEs get the help they need to succeed. Content will cater to different levels of understanding, from beginner to those with greater knowledge of digital services.

Vinod Kumar, CEO Vodafone Business, said: “SMEs are the lifeblood of economies across Europe, and it’s crucial that they are given all of the assistance they need to recover from the Covid-19 crisis. The past few months have shown that companies that invest in digital services have weathered the storm better by using technology to quickly adapt the way they work. We want to help those now looking to use digital technologies and ensure that they are on the right track to thrive.”

V-Hub will be offered exclusively to existing Vodafone Business SME customers for free for the first 120 days. Later in the year, the service will expand to include an SME community forum for peer-to-peer interaction that is open to all and an AI-enabled delivery model will help us focus on the key needs of customers.