Vodacom Business Unveils 10 new solutions powered by AWS

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Digital transformation within South Africa has accelerated as organisations of all sizes have embraced the remote workforce model to ensure their employee safety and remain productive during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For organisations who are looking to begin their digital transformation journey, Vodacom Business has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services, to develop the Vodacom Business Cloud Acceleration Suite.

Digital Broadband Opportunities

“As a trusted digital partner to businesses, we’ve always believed that with the right technology and digital processes, South African businesses will be more competitive, resilient and capable of not only surviving, but thriving, despite external challenges,” says Kabelo Makwane, Managing Executive for Cloud, Hosting and Security at Vodacom Business.

Cloud as the key enabler of transformation

Today, organisations depend on the effective use of technology not just to support ongoing business processes, but also to drive new sources of competitive differentiation. Cloud has become the foundation for the new and agile business world as it allows organisations to scale infrastructure as needed to support changing business priorities.

The move to the cloud offers organisations numerous benefits, including flexibility, agility and resources needed to support the use of advanced services like Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

With a dedicated AWS team possessing a number of expert technical certification, skills and competencies across associate to speciality certifications, Vodacom Business is able to guide your organisation as it takes its first steps on its digital transformation journey.

Vodacom’s solutions and professional skills on AWS help organisations in assessing the current IT environment, develop a migration strategy that can deliver desired outcomes, customise a strong migration plan and prepare the target cloud environment with the needed security guardrails.

Generally, any organisation moves through three phases of digital transformation – Early, Developing and Maturing. One of the major barriers during all three stages is customised solutions and the lack of technical skills.

To address this barrier, with in-house experience of migrating to the cloud, Vodacom Business worked with AWS Professional Services to develop 10 solutions accompanied with the needed skills that can help smooth the transition to the cloud on AWS.

A bouquet of products

Consisting of ten solutions and comprising of 17 AWS services, the Vodacom Business Cloud Acceleration Suite will assist organisations as they transition into a future-ready and resilient business. These solutions are as follows:

Cloud Readiness as a Service
Productivity as a Service
Storage as a Service
Business Continuity as a Service
Business Intelligence as a Service
Landing Zone Accelerator
Windows Server Migration
Database Migration
Cloud Connect
SAP Migration Discovery

Through Cloud Readiness as a Service, organisations will be able to accurately assess their current IT environment, and as part of the package, a professional services team will perform a seamless migration to AWS.

The Landing Zone Accelerator gives organisations the ability to quickly set up a secure, multi-account environment based on AWS best practices. With Vodacom Business’s wealth of network expertise informing the Cloud Connect as a Service, organisations can establish a dedicated network connection from on premises to the cloud.

Migration services such as the Storage as a Service, Business Continuity as a Service, Windows Server Migration, Database Migration and SAP Migration Discovery can assist organisations perform a seamless, safe and secure migration.

Productivity tools have become vital in day-to-day operations, which is why Vodacom Business has developed Productivity as a Service, which includes Amazon Chime and Amazon WorkDocs. Additionally, Business Intelligence as a Service has been developed with Amazon QuickSight, which makes it easy to deliver insights to everyone within their organisation.