Virtual Internet Pte set to offer Virtual 5G Broadband in Indonesia

Virtual 5G

PT. Animus Bersama Cermerlang Indonesia is now officially collaborating with Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd, Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of ADARA Networks, Inc. San Jose, CA, in support of PT BUM Desa Indonesia to realize the vision of advancing digital transformation in villages, towns, and cities across all of Indonesia.

PT. Animus Bersama Cermerlang and Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd. signed a Distribution and Marketing Agreement as a commitment to enhance the speed and reliability of Internet Access across Indonesia. This marks a commitment by both PT. Animus Bersama Cermerlang and Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd. in support of PT BUM Desa Indonesia (BUMDES) Jakarta Raya, Indonesia · PT Indonesian Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) / BDI is the holding company of many Village Owned Enterprises in Indonesia.

PT BDI oversees and has network of more than 94,500 business entities spread across villages and remote areas of Indonesia. All are collaborating to transform and improve a range of digital services across Indonesia.

Virtual 5G, a first of its’ kind, delivers 5G Mobile Broadband speeds, and a globally available 5G service through a worldwide OTT (Over The Top) network, which operates over all existing forms of networks including Cellular Radio, WiFi, Terrestrial, and Satellite. As an OTT, Virtual 5G’s service globally interconnects users through any and all service providers. OTT’s have rapidly become the dominant platform for rapidly deploying transformative services.

Virtual 5G service is accessed through a Mobile (Client) App available through Google Play as Premium Software. Virtual 5G enables all Internet activities by users in Indonesia to enjoy the low latency, high bandwidth, reliable services that Indonesia wants and needs via Mobile Broadband; Social Media, Browsing, News, Download/Upload Multimedia, Email, and Apps.

Virtual 5G enables 5G Mobile Broadband on Android phones that support Android 8.0, 8.1, 9, 10, 11 and Android 12, which is the Operating System on the newest generation Android 5G Phones; on every generation of Android Mobile Devices, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G; and on every generation of Cellular Radio Infrastructure, 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE, and 5G where it is deployed. Virtual 5G also delivers 5G Mobile Broadband over all Internet Access Technologies; Cellular Radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM, which is the infrastructure which PT BDI operates to bring service to Rural and Urban communities such as Villages, Towns, and Cities across Indonesia. Virtual (Software) 5G rolls out in seconds, scales limitlessly, and compliments Infrastructure 5G. These are just a few of the critical reasons why Virtual 5G can benefit Indonesia.

Indonesia presents a unique opportunity for Virtual Internet, with PT ABC and PT BDI.

Indonesia has the world’s 4th largest population; and Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation. Indonesia has unique challenges to deploying nationwide 5G Mobile Broadband Internet access. Almost half of Indonesia, 43%, lives in rural areas; this percentage is twice as great as other regions; 83% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas, 72.5 % of EU-28 inhabitants live in cities, in Latin America and the Caribbean, 81.2% of the population lives in urban areas. Indonesians in both rural and urban areas want and need high speed Internet for online activities.

PT BDI is focused on enhancing rural services; and these areas are of special importance to Indonesia. Indonesians are extremely digitally savvy; Indonesia is a world leader in the consumption of Internet and Social Media services. This commercial agreement demonstrates how the digital ecosystem within Indonesia is leveraging existing and new technologies to meet Indonesia’s unique challenges to create world class Mobile Broadband service for all Indonesians.

Virtual 5G is immediately available at a per device annual subscription of $6 US to the nearly 300 Million in Indonesia that operate almost 450 Million Devices and highlights a major benefit of Virtual 5G. Employing a Virtual (Software) 5G approach enables the immediate roll out of a 21st Century high speed Mobile Broadband service across Indonesia. Using an OTT to deliver 5G Mobile Broadband is an innovative and important commercial step, part of a comprehensive approach to rapidly transforming Indonesia’s digital landscape and seamlessly bringing 5G Mobile Broadband service to one of the largest populations of Internet users in the world.

As the world’s only global 5G Mobile Broadband Network, with millions of users in over 150 countries, Virtual (Software) 5G has already been deployed across multiple traditional Telecom networks, demonstrating that Virtual 5G is complimentary to existing 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G networks in Indonesia and around the globe. Indonesia is experiencing rapid economic growth and is in need of rapid technological improvements, especially in Mobile Broadband, as Indonesia expands its’ position as an economic center of opportunity in Asia, and as Indonesia unlocks its’ digital potential.

Widespread 5G is frequently not projected to appear until the end of the decade, approximately 2030. Virtual 5G bridges this gap, and enhances Infrastructure 5G networks when and where they are built. Virtual 5G is currently available globally, it is portable and borderless, travels with the user, and Virtual 5G available to over 6.5 Billion in 150 countries worldwide, in every continent, on any generation (e.g. 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G) phone, eliminating the wait for 5G service.

5G technology is maturing. Virtual (Software) 5G is part of the strategic focus on 5G. Hardware 5G and Software (Virtual) 5G are complimentary technological approaches to unlocking the benefits of 5G for consumers and enterprises. Virtual 5G works with Infrastructure 5G to address the challenges of deploying 5G Service. Virtual 5G enables Nations and Service Providers, including Telecoms deploying 5G infrastructures and 5G ready Smartphones, to accelerate roll-outs and the creation of new services in building digital economies in post-COVID recovery.

With this commercial announcement, Indonesia is showing it will leverage Virtual (Software) 5G as Indonesia nurtures a growing and vibrant local Hardware and Software 5G ecosystem. Indonesia, with a significant portion of the global population, is leading the way to the next chapter of the global digital age.