Vietnam Set to Embrace 4G services by Year End


The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in Vietnam will grant licenses for network operators to provide pilot 4G broadband service in Q3 or Q4 at the latest.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam has recently made this announcement. He mentioned that the MoIC will allow network operators to use 1800 Mhz waveband which currently serves 2G service for their 4G service.

So far, four network operators, namely VNPT, Viettel, MobiFone and FPT Telecom, have already got licenses for the trial run. 4G promises faster mobile and internet connections than the 3G network.

Vietnamobile Set on a Path Towards Transformation

The Hanoi Telecom JSC received the Prime Minister’s decision approving its transformation from a Business Corporation Contract (BCC) to become Vietnamobile Telecommunication JSC in Ha Noi. The decision was granted at a ceremony to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary of establishment.

The new company will have three shareholders. Hanoi Telecom JSC will hold 50 per cent of the charter capital, Hutchison Asia Telecom will hold 49 per cent, and Hanoi Telecom’s General Director Trinh Minh Chau will hold the remaining one per cent.

With the transformation, Vietnamobile will become the only telecommunication company in Viet Nam operating with investment from a foreign firm.

Being a partnership between Hutchison Telecom Group and Hanoi Telecom, Vietnamobile becomes a member of Hutchison Asian Telecom which comprises mobile telecommunications operations in the emerging markets of Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Targeted at young customers, Vietnamobile will focus on upgrading its coverage as well as developing infrastructure to become “the door” for entering the world of multi-media and social networking.

ICT COMM Vietnam 2016


At a time when the country is opening up its policies in the ICT domain, ICT COMM Vietnam 2016 is set to become an ideal platform in order to provide a unique annual gathering for the ICT suppliers to share the latest market trend and state-of-the-art technologies and services.

ICT COMM will be held the first time in Vietnam during 20th July and 22nd July 2016. Latest products and technologies of ICT, Mobile and Electronic industry will be shown at ITC COMM 2016 delivering success for the region.

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