Verizon Expands Coverage of 5G Ultra Wideband Service


Verizon has announced a huge leap forward in this new era of technology-led disruption and innovation by expanding coverage of the 5G service built to be the 21st century infrastructure that will shape the future.

Verizon is driving 5G forward by deploying blazing-fast 5G Ultra Wideband service, built on mmWave spectrum, in 19 additional US cities, 19 stadiums and six airports, and doubling download speeds on the fastest 5G service in the world2 — reaching 4 Gbps peak speeds in some locations.

Verizon is also turning on 5G Nationwide service for more than 200 million people nationwide and developing exciting new solutions with partners who seek the same level of performance and operational excellence including the National Football League (NFL), The New York Times, and Riot Games. Verizon will be offering the first iPhone12 with 5G, and introducing powerful new capabilities to customers with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband and Nationwide networks.

“We were first in the world to 5G and we are continuing to drive 5G forward. Our job, our passion, is to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to bring the ecosystem together and to create experiences consumers and enterprises never even knew they needed or wanted,” said Hans Vestberg, Verizon CEO. “From the start, our focus has been on building a transformational 5G network that will drastically reshape society. Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to that future.”

“We couldn’t be more proud to share this news alongside Apple on this historic day, giving iPhone 12 customers access to speeds and experiences only made possible through 5G. 5G just got real,” he added.

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband available in more places

Verizon continues to lead the industry with its 5G Ultra Wideband service – the fastest 5G in the world – that was built from the ground up for industrial and commercial use cases. It’s important to remember that not all services are created equal.

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband boasts throughputs multiple times faster than 4G and, as the technology matures, it is expected to handle data volumes 100 times larger than today’s capabilities, and ultra-low latencies, which is the time it takes for a signal to make a round trip from point A to point B.

Verizon’s use of mmWave spectrum, the backbone of 5G Ultra Wideband, is essential to these revolutionary capabilities. 5G Ultra Wideband is now available in 19 new cities, 19 new stadiums and arenas, and six new airports.

5G Gaming by Verizon

New 5G Ultra Wideband cities:

Customers in 55 cities can now experience ultra-fast wireless speeds, allowing them to download and stream movies and TV shows in seconds, videoconference and collaborate remotely in near real time, and take advantage of new immersive customer experiences never before available wirelessly. By the end of 2020, Verizon plans to launch 5G Ultra Wideband in more than 60 cities.

Stadiums and arenas:

Today, Verizon also added 19 new locations to the growing list of 43 stadiums and arenas with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. When fans are in these locations, they can enjoy super-fast wireless service, immersive experiences and additional in-stadium enhancements. And, until those stadiums are filled to capacity with cheering fans again, 5G Ultra Wideband has the potential to bring in-stadium experiences to fans at home.

The list of new stadiums and arenas with access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network include Citi Field, FedExForum, the Golden 1 Center, Lambeau Field, Progressive Field, Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Red Bull Arena, SoFi Stadium, and State Farm Stadium.

Travelers flying through Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Des Moines International Airport, John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport, and San Antonio International Airport can have access to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network in parts of the airports.

Driving innovation and advancements in 5G Ultra Wideband technology
In addition to expanding its 5G Ultra Wideband footprint, Verizon continues to innovate and introduce advanced technologies on its 5G network that will help customers reach never-before-seen mobile capabilities and create new use cases across the consumer and business landscape.

Here’s how it’s done: Using carrier aggregation, a technology that combines multiple channels of spectrum to provide greater efficiency for data sessions transmitting over the wireless network, Verizon combined eight separate channels of mmWave spectrum to achieve record-setting multi-gigabit speeds in parts of some cities. Using this technology, customers will see double the download speeds they have historically experienced on 5G Ultra Wideband, with peak speeds up to 4Gbps possible in some locations.

Customers will also see a boost in speeds with two carrier aggregation now available for uploads. Carrier aggregation allows customers on 5G Ultra Wideband to achieve unprecedented mobile speeds and brings the massive bandwidth available with mmWave spectrum to life.

5G Nationwide coverage on Verizon
Today, Verizon also announced its launch of 5G Nationwide service, covering more than 200 million customers. Verizon’s 5G Nationwide runs on lower spectrum bands than 5G Ultra Wideband, using an advanced technology called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). Dynamic Spectrum Sharing allows 5G service to run simultaneously with 4G LTE on the same spectrum band. With DSS, when customers move outside Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area, their 5G-enabled devices will remain on 5G technology using lower bands of spectrum.

This new technology allows Verizon to use its full portfolio of current spectrum resources to serve both 4G and 5G customers, maximizing their experience on the Verizon network. Customers can use Verizon’s network in a variety of ways — from virtual learning to real-time gaming — that requires the ability to allocate spectrum resources in real time.

New 5G experiences on Verizon
Customers using new iPhone 12 models on Verizon’s 5G network will have access to experiences and applications from the National Football League (NFL), The New York Times, Riot Games and others, which will take advantage of the unprecedented speed, massive capacity and ultra low lag time Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband offers.

5G SuperStadium: Available exclusively for a limited time to Verizon customers on the new 5G iPhone 12, Verizon 5G SuperStadium brings fans closer to the action to engage in select NFL games from up to seven different camera angles on the field.

From Here: Utilizing the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network, this new immersive editorial experience from The New York Times lets readers explore a space as if they were physically in the picture themselves through environmental photogrammetry — allowing readers to engage with stories like never before.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Riot Games has rebuilt the League of Legends Wild Rift from the ground up for the best mobile experience possible on Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. Gamers will soon be able to experience Wild Rift on their mobile phones in ways historically only available through a tethered PC.

“Delivering the 5G network that is the foundational technology that will revolutionize nearly all aspects of our lives stems from tried and true world-class engineering, a solid technical foundation, and scaled deployment of emerging technologies,” said Kyle Malady, Chief Technology Officer at Verizon. “Just as we did with 4G, we are not only speeding deployment, but also advancing 5G technology itself. We will continue to push the limits of this technology to unleash the full potential of 5G.”