Verizon Deploys Accelerated Access in Carolina Panthers Stadium

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Verizon Business and the Carolina Panthers has announced the completed installation of ‘Express Entry’ Verizon 5G Edge Accelerated Access lanes at Bank of America Stadium. Located at North Silver Club and South Silver Club entrances, the new opt-in, Verizon 5G-enabled facial authentication access points were designed to provide fans with a more streamlined way to enter the stadium.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for the fans, which is why I’m so excited about our partnership with Verizon,” said Caroline Wright, Chief Venues Officer for Tepper Sports & Entertainment. “This latest upgrade builds on our efforts to create a fan-first environment here at Bank of America Stadium. Automating the check-in experience will make it that much easier for ticket holders to get into the stadium and enjoy our events.”

Verizon 5G

Building an express lane with Verizon 5G

By combining video analytics, facial recognition and ticket scanning to authenticate the identity of a ticket holder, Verizon 5G Edge Accelerated Access creates user-friendly, low-friction ticketing and entry access experience.

With ‘Express Entry’, no paper ticket or phone is necessary to enter Bank of America Stadium. Before heading in, users simply opt-in to the program and load their photo. Ticket holders can then “check in” by using one of the designated facial ticketing lanes at Bank of America Stadium, where the ticket taker will validate the number of people in the party and access is granted.

“Connectivity goes beyond the fans’ access to their device in-venue, rather it improves the overall experience for fans and venue operators alike,” said Jonathan Nikols, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Americas, Verizon Business. “By adding ‘Express Entry’ access alongside our best-in-class 5G Connectivity, we’re changing the way fans experience stadiums. What we’ve provided to the Carolina Panthers organization is the ability to effectively optimize the experience and ultimately allow fans to spend their time focusing on the action on the field.”

The ‘Express Entry’ lanes follow the stadium’s recent upgrade to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, which is up to 10 times faster than 4G. As the “Official 5G Network of the Carolina Panthers,” Verizon has engineered an in-stadium connectivity solution that enables Panthers fans to watch videos, manage fantasy teams and check scores with almost no lag. Additional network upgrades for Bank of America Stadium are planned for 2024.

Solutions like autonomous entry are changing the way fans experience stadiums. As part of the broader Verizon Business Connected Venue approach, Verizon brings a mix of public and private network capabilities, a robust technology ecosystem, and 5G partnerships that enable leagues, teams, and stadium operators to achieve desired venue operations outcomes. To date, Verizon has made 5G investments in more than 75 large public venues in the United States, including some of the most iconic major sports and music venues.