Verizon Business debuts Business Internet Secure to protect SMBs

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Verizon has announced the release of Business Internet Secure for small businesses, providing small businesses with easy-to-use, accessible business grade security solutions. This follows last week’s announcement of Business Mobile Secure, which is included in select Verizon Business’ new unlimited plans.

In making the announcement, Aamir Hussain, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business said, “Small businesses are making the same adjustments to remote work as larger enterprises, but with fewer internal technical resources to handle the transition. With Business Internet Secure, we provide easy-to-deploy solutions that help small business owners to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats.”

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Verizon’s Business Internet Secure helps to protect small businesses from internal and external security threats, which can help maintain the safety of digital customer and business records. The solutions provide protection at two vulnerable points, where attacks typically occur: employee devices and the internet.

“Cisco’s Umbrella security service was a natural fit for Verizon’s Business Internet Secure because of its ease of deployment and manageability, providing quick time-to-value. Additionally, independent test results place Umbrella first among competitors for threat efficacy,” according to Jeff Reed, Cisco’s SVP/GM or Cloud and Network Security. “We look forward to continuing the partnership with Verizon to provide a service that is effective and easy to implement for SMBs, ensuring a secure experience accessing the internet.”

“We are pleased to expand our collaboration with Verizon, a long-standing partner of BlackBerry, and to team up with Cisco” said Steve Struthers, Vice President Global Solutions & Alliances, BlackBerry. “BlackBerry Smart Antivirus protects businesses and consumers from threats, which have been exacerbated by the growth of the digital economy and the shift to remote working, across platforms.”

According to a Verizon Business Small Business Survey, 38% of small businesses report that they have moved to remote work, making security a higher priority. In this new remote environment, employees use personal devices and have access to company networks via virtual private networks, which could expose sensitive information to potential cyberattacks. The reliance on remote work, coupled with the fact only 21% of small businesses have implemented new technology to deal with security issues highlights the risks for small businesses.