Vasona Networks Unveils Mobile Edge Breakout App to Drive LTE Network Efficiency


Vasona Networks, Inc, which provides mobile edge solutions for better user experiences and network capital efficiency, has unveiled announced Edge Breakout for delivery of fast services over congested LTE networks.

The multi-access edge computing (MEC) application classifies and assures performance of latency-sensitive traffic, such as commercial IoT, enterprise and mobile gaming applications. Vasona will demonstrate Edge Breakout’s ability to deliver cellular-based, console-like gaming experiences to a smartphone or tablet at Mobile World Congress 2018 with cloud gaming innovator LiquidSky.

One of several available applications on Vasona’s MEC SmartAIR Edge Services Platform, Edge Breakout exposes Vasona’s real-time cell insight and traffic management capabilities to allow third-party applications to “break out” the traffic from its path near the edge and deliver it to a secure, local cloud.

When combined with Vasona’s traffic management to handle mobile congestion, fast transmission times result in consistent quality and seamless experiences for the end user.

“To date, the opportunities around low latency applications like cloud-based gaming, enterprise applications, and IoT that are delivered over mobile networks remain untapped,” said Nitesh Patel, director of wireless media strategies, Strategy Analytics. “However, networks with the ability to recognize traffic from low latency applications and then redirect their path will be better placed to address these emerging use cases and deliver an improved user experience.”

“The mobile edge is where new possibilities are brought to life, and with Edge Breakout, Vasona continues to demonstrate its MEC leadership, supporting operators on the path to 5G,” said John Reister, VP of product and marketing for Vasona Networks. “With innovative capabilities across IoT and now mobile gaming, Vasona is unlocking potential for new industries.”

As cloud computing costs fall, streaming applications from the network edge open the door to new and improved mobile services, including for the enterprise. LiquidSky’s Lightning Platform capitalizes on this opportunity.

It is a serverless, global edge compute cloud that hosts and streams high-performance workloads and applications on-demand, ideal for streaming interactive content. Lightning Platform represents one of myriad edge cloud solutions that Vasona can help power in congested mobile networks.

“We believe that digital user experiences will become increasingly dynamic, interactive, cross-device, on-demand and compute-intensive. To deliver this, there are clear advantages from the security, scale and instant multi-device support that comes with interactive streaming from the edge,” said Ian McLoughlin, founder and CEO of LiquidSky. “Edge computing is the key to ensure QoS for latency sensitive apps, such as streaming, on mobile networks.”

Visitors to the Vasona stand (Hall 6, M40) at Mobile World Congress 2018 will be able to play a graphics-intensive, first-person game hosted entirely in the edge cloud by LiquidSky, connected via a mobile network and controlled by a tablet or smartphone.

In the demo:

  • Gaming traffic on the Radio Access Network (RAN) is broken out and redirected to a locally-hosted, secure virtual gateway that directs the traffic to an optimized, dedicated IP network.
  • Traffic is sent directly to the server for processing and direct communication with edge-based graphic processing units (GPUs). It is then encapsulated and sent back to the device client for real-time, low-latency transactions based on real-time metadata about localized usage, security and end-user quality of service (QoS).
  • LiquidSky’s technology delivers an interactive full HD stream of any game from the cloud, replicating the speed and responsiveness of playing at home on a fixed connection.