US based Sazerac Simplifies Network Visbility, Operations with Level 3


The global demand for premium alcohol brands, like those produced by Louisiania-based Sazerac Company, has seen a steady increase over the last six years according to the Distilled Spirits Council, the national trade association representing the leading producers and marketers of distilled spirits in the United States.

Among the contributors to the ongoing success of distilled spirits sales is the use of technology like Converged Services with Dynamic Capacity from Level 3 Communications.

Key Facts:

•Level 3 provides services to Sazerac’s 14 global facilities including five facilities in Kentucky, two in Quebec, Canada, as well as in California, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina and in the United Kingdom.
•The services include: MPLS/IPVPN, Voice: SIP Trunking/ISDN-PRI/Long Distance/Toll-Free and Adaptive Network Control Solutions: Enhanced Management, Dynamic Capacity.
•The Sazerac Company uses Converged Services and Dynamic Capacity to manage their bandwidth and network needs.

Level 3’s Converged Services

With Converged Services, enterprise customers like the Sazerac Company can consolidate voice and data services to reduce complexity.

Voice and data services can be delivered through a single, managed and customizable solution, giving customers the ability to scale up and down with demand starting with a single T-1 and going up to gigabit Ethernet.

Customers also have access to Adaptive Network Control solutions, including Enhanced Management and Dynamic Capacity services, which deliver automated, on-demand solutions to a business’ network management. By integrating these scalable solutions, IT departments can solve specific challenges and better manage the applications that run their business.

Todd Colliver, Global IT Operations Manager, Sazerac Company, said, “Level 3 enables us to grow our network with each facility we bring online. When the load on our network is the highest, Dynamic Capacity lets us double or triple our bandwidth to meet the needs of our business. As we continue to expand, Level 3 is working with us to get the most out of our network so we are well positioned to meet the demands of our business.”

Laurinda Pang, Regional President, North America and Asia-Pacific, Level 3, explained, “Sazerac Company, like many of our customers, is faced with the major challenge of adapting their networks to serve their ever-changing application infrastructure while maintaining cost and operational efficiencies. The unique network design in place at Sazerac Company gives them the flexibility and control they need to achieve their business goals now and into the future.”

Level 3 at CommunicAsia 2017

Level 3 Communications is all set to participate at the upcoming global exposition CommunicAsia 2017 – happening in Singapore during 23rd May and 25th May 2017.