UROS bringing IoT connectivity to smart water grid


Uni-fi Roaming Solutions, the global Roaming IoT Solution provider is partnering with Pisara – a Finnish water management platform initiative from Jyväskylä Energy – to jointly deliver innovative new services for water supply systems on a global scale.

The co-operation will combine IoT connectivity provided by UROS with Pisara’s advanced technical water solutions to create smart management solutions for national water operation systems around the globe.

Pisara’s smart water cycle offers preventive maintenance solutions aimed at avoiding water supply crises and at guaranteeing high-quality water for consumers.

“The world’s smartest digital water solutions combined with global connectivity and security enable water management to enter a new era in which water will be distributed via intelligent water networks and in which water quality will be controlled using artificial intelligence and smart sensors. People in communities around the world will soon be able to monitor in real time the quality of their most valuable asset and foodstuff – clean water,” comments Sakari Laitinen, Pisara Water Business Development Manager.

“Offering global IoT connectivity for Pisara’s water management solution follows UROS’ strategy to expand the company’s connectivity technology beyond the telecoms sector, into new industry verticals”, says UROS CEO Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg. “We value innovation and are very happy to be part of this unique approach to water quality management that respects the environment as a water source.”

Up till now UROS has proven its roaming expertise as a global telecoms connectivity provider with their international Goodspeed Mobile Wi-Fi service, which offers low-cost data roaming in over 120 countries around the world. Recently, UROS also announced the launch of the new Goodspeed Roaming application that is implemented in the ZTE Blade V7 Lite smartphone as a joint product development project with ZTE. The Goodspeed Roaming app makes global data roaming easier and more affordable for travelers globally by offering fixed-fee day passes without additional devices.