Saturday, February 29, 2020
Unleashing Bandwidth: Tennessee Titans Taps Windstream to Improve Fan Experience

Unleashing Bandwidth: Tennessee Titans Taps Windstream to Improve Fan Experience


Windstream, a global provider of advanced network communications, has announced that the Tennessee Titans have selected the company to provide services that will meet their fans’ growing demand for in-stadium wireless access and improve the quality and reliability of the team’s communications during a headquarters expansion.

The Tennessee Titans’ customized solution includes a variety of Windstream services, including Fixed Wireless, Internet, MPLS VPN and voice services for 150 employees across three different locations.

Additionally, Windstream is partnering with the team in anticipation of future needs for network redundancy and on-net access to Windstream’s extensive fiber network.

“NFL franchise operations have become increasingly complex in an era when technology is as much a part of the game as what is happening on the field,” says Russ Hudson, director of information systems for the Tennessee Titans. “Fixed Wireless provided the connectivity that allows us to optimize the stadium game-day experience which has become a requirement for fans who want reliable access to their digital world whether in the stands, concession area, club level or in our suites.”

Windstream also solved the team’s office expansion issues. Although the added space was just across the street from their current location, extending their existing LAN using traditional point-to-point would be too expensive per the team’s allocated budget for the move, and not as reliable as they needed. Windstream evaluated the situation and determined that the Titans were an ideal candidate for Fixed Wireless, solving both budget and reliability issues.

“Fixed Wireless enabled the Titans to achieve real diversity and redundancy with an industry-leading 99.99 percent up-time guarantee,” says Joseph Harding, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Windstream’s Cloud & Connectivity business unit. “Because the technology provides network access that never crosses paths with wireline connections, the Titans can focus on winning games instead of worrying about network failure in the stadium or office—a real win-win for fans, players and staff.”

In addition to Fixed Wireless  and MPLS, Windstream offers a full suite of advanced network communications and technology solutions like SD-WAN, UCaaS, EthernetWavelength Services with Optical Encryption and dedicated high-speed Internet along with voice and data services such as VoIP access and SIP trunking. Windstream also offers managed services, cloud connectivity and network security services designed to help businesses increase productivity and improve operational costs.

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