UNISOC, China Unicom Deploy E2E Network Slicing Solution

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UNISOC and China Unicom have deployed 3GPP-compliant end-to-end network slicing selection solution, enabling 5G smartphone and data terminal network slicing to 3GPP standards.

The solution allows devices to independently and flexibly select network slices through APP ID, FQDN, DNN and other identifiers in China Unicom’s 5G SA trial commercial network, bringing broader development prospects for the transformation of industry verticals.

Network slicing is among the most important features of 5G network architecture, the key entry point for 5G to empower thousands of industries. However, network slicing technology is highly complex and a technical solution must run through multiple network levels.

Network slicing in devices had become a constraint to the development of end-to-end network slicing, while technical bottlenecks lie in the limitations of chips and terminal operating systems.

In a scheme equipped with the UNISOC 5G chip, this solution supports 5G smartphones and data terminals for all slice selection strategies under 3GPP specifications, and optimizes the users’ business experience. The two sides have recently completed technical verification on China Unicom Beijing’s 5G SA trial commercial network, laying a technical foundation for the diversified development of 5G industrial applications in the future.

Earlier this year, China Unicom launched the world’s first 5G terminal priced under 1,000 yuan, the 5G CPE VN007. Powered by the UNISOC V510, the CPE VN007 supports an end-to-end 5G network slicing selection solution through a software upgrade, completing test verification. This will lower the commercialization threshold for 5G network slicing, and rapidly empower 5G industry application scenarios across the spectrum.

UNISOC is a fabless semiconductor company committed to R&D of core chipsets for mobile communications and AIoT. With 4,500 staff, 17 R&D centers and 7 customer support centers around the world, UNISOC has become one of the largest chipset providers for IoT and connectivity devices in China, and in market share a global top 3 mobile chipset supplier and the leading 5G company in the world.