Unique Casino Games from around the World


You probably know your Blackjack from your Baccarat . . . but how about your Pachinko from your Poker? The most famous casino games are a staple worldwide (think Roulette, kasyno bez depozytu and so on), yet different countries and regions offer unique casino games that you’ve probably never heard of before. So if you ever find yourself in one of these locations, make sure to try out some of these more quirky games on offer!

Pachinko from Japan

One quick stroll down any Japanese urban street and you’re bound to see, or at least hear . . . a Pachinko parlour! These popular places have a similar look and feel to a casino except that the main game on offer is a slot-style machine where patrons play pachinko. Players load one or more steel balls into the pachinko machine and then press a spring-loaded handle which launches the ball onto a metal track. The objective is to net the ball into a catcher, which triggers a payout.

Sic bo from China 

This ancient game has been played for centuries. It is also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu in Chinese, and is basically a game of chance. It’s a table game that involves three dice and a chart outlining the different wagers one can place, including odd or even numbers, doubles, dice combinations and so on. Bets are placed on various areas of a table (similar to Roulette). Once all bets are complete, the dealer shakes and rolls the dice to reveal the numbers.

Catch-a-Wave from the USA 

Whilst not very popular, some online casinos still offer this unique card game! Players place a bet and are dealt a card, face-down. The dealer also gets a card, face-up. Once their card is dealt, players can choose to either “hit” or “stand”. To “hit” successfully, players need to correctly guess whether the next card they will be dealt will be higher or lower. As long as the player gets the correct call each time, they can “catch-a-wave” for six continuous bets! Players who “stand” will need to ride out the dealer’s “house way” until the dealer makes an incorrect call on the house’s cards.

Trente et Quarante from France

French for “30 and 40”, this game is also known as Rouge at Noir and originates in . . . you guessed it – France! The gameplay is very similar to Baccarat where two hands are dealt: red and black. Cards are dealt until each hand totals at least 31 points. Before the cards are dealt, players need to correctly guess which hand will have the lower score between the two.

Dreidel from around the World 

Dreidel is a game of Jewish origin that has been adapted to casino gameplay. A spinning top with 4 sides is generally used. Players predict which side the dreidel will land on and place their bets accordingly!

Have any of the games on our list piqued your interest? Make sure to keep a sharp eye for any opportunities to play the next time you visit a foreign (or local – depending where you’re located!) casino.