Umniah Jordan ensures improved mobile data services with Astellia


Astellia, a provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, has announced that Umniah’s 3 million subscribers will enjoy improved data services thanks to the implementation of Astellia’s 3G service assurance solution.

Behind Saudi Arabia, Jordan’s mobile market is the second most competitive in the Middle East. As the latest entrant in the market, Umniah, subsidiary of the Batelco group, has managed to quickly grab 29% market share.

Umniah acknowledges that delivering excellent quality of service is vital to their success, especially in a market with 146% mobile penetration and 93% prepaid subscriptions. By implementing Astellia’s 3G monitoring solution, Umniah will be able to deliver a consistent customer experience, hereby securing long-term customer satisfaction.

“We pride ourselves in upholding our promise to provide high quality services at competitive prices. We trust Astellia to help us stay abreast of customer’s needs and guarantee an unprecedented service to all those who belong to the Umniah family.” comments Sami Idbies, Engineering Director at Umniah.

“Network performance is a very influential factor for consumers when selecting an operator. We are very proud to help Umniah ensure that they stay their customers’ first choice by providing best-in-class services.” said Ali Wansa, Managing Director Middle East at Astellia.

Since its official launch on June 26th 2005, Umniah has succeeded in quickly making a strong impression on one of the region’s most highly competitive markets. Umniah has positioned itself as a successful operator in Jordanian telecommunications, offering high quality integrated services, including mobile, Internet, and business solutions, for the best value and at the cutting edge of industry developments.