ULTATEL Unveils Video Conferencing Tool to Maximize Collaboration


ULTATEL, a provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses of all sizes, has announced a new video conferencing tool, which is now included with its entire product line of cloud-hosted communication solutions.

ULTATEL’s innovative communications architecture delivers HD video quality that seamlessly integrates with existing applications for team messaging, contact, file sharing and calendar management. The company’s video conferencing solution allows users to seamlessly collaborate pre-meeting, in-meeting and post-meeting with an unlimited duration for up to 100 participants.

ULTATEL’s video conferencing capabilities reinforce an innovative step in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. This solution embraces a hybrid workforce for employees to collaborate seamlessly without complicating business workflows. As working remotely has become the new norm, digital collaboration providers like ULTATEL and its new video conferencing solution pave the way for teams to stay connected anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

“ULTATEL’s new video conferencing solution is transforming workforce environments as companies acclimate to a hybrid in-office/virtual model,” said ULTATEL Founder and Chief Executive Officer Amr Ibrahim. “We’re excited to empower organizations to innovate from anywhere by maximizing ULTATEL’s business communications for their remote teams. We are fortunate to be able to include this now with all of our cloud-based phone systems as part of our new regular offering.”

Key features of ULTATEL’s video conferencing include:

● Conference Bridges: Every user gets a conference bridge on the Premium and Ultimate plan.

● Participants: 2-100 per conference bridge.

● Third-party Integrations: Integrations are available for Google and Microsoft Calendars.

● Streaming: Larger organizations with more than 100 attendees can implement streaming through YouTube and allow anyone with the link to watch and listen.

“One of the many ways we innovate for our customers is to provide them with the highest quality product, with the most features, at the lowest price — helping our customers to be more productive and grow wildly,” said ULTATEL’s Director of Marketing, Tim Phelps. “With video conferencing now available on all of our products; we may not all be in the same place, but we can work closer than ever before.”

ULTATEL’s new video conferencing solution comes on the heels of the company’s recently launched integration with Microsoft Teams. ULTATEL’s Teams SBC is a Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) for Teams Direct Routing that allows organizations to connect their Teams users to the outside public switched telephone network (PSTN) so they can easily make and receive calls. ULTATEL’s SBC is a 100% cloud-based solution delivering secure, real-time communications without compromising scale and performance.